Selected 2023 Paperback Releases

Codes: [r] reprint from hardcover or earlier paperback, [SS] short stories,
[s] simultaneous hardcover/paperback release, [NS] non-series

January 2023

A Rip Through Time [r] [Mallory Atkinson #1] by Kelley Armstrong

Jumping Jenny [Roger Sheringham 1933 reissue] by Anthony Berkeley

The Omega Factor [r] [NS] by Steve Berry


Hide [Harriet Foster #1] by Tracy Clark

Death at Fort Devens [r] [Andy Roark #3] by Peter Colt

Winter Swallows [Commissario Ricciardi #10] by Maurizio de Giovanni

February 2023

Countdown to Midnight [r] [Nick Flynn #2] by Dale Brown

Wined and Died in New Orleans [Vintage Cookbook #2] by Ellen Byron

The Match [r] [sequel to The Boy from the Woods] by Harlan Coben

Wreck Bay [Amanda Doucette #5] by Barbara Fradkin

Trouble [Hella Mauzer #3] by Katja Ivar


Post After Post-Mortem [ Robert Macdonald 1936 reissue] by E.C.R. Lorac

She’s Dead, Who Cares? [Mary Moody #1] by Randye Lordon

Sea Castle [Underwater Investigation #4] by Andrew Mayne

The Last Grudge [Jessica Niemi #3] by Max Seeck

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