Authors & Characters Added in 2023

Authors and Characters Added in January 2023

Erin E. Adams: non-series

New Mally Becker series: Rebecca Parcell, recently widowed, and Daniel Alloway, an escaped British prisoner, working as spies for General Washington, beginning in 1780, in the Revolutionary War mysteries

Alicia Bessette: Callie Padget, a former reporter turned bookshop clerk on Cattail Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina

Valerie Burns: Maddy Montgomery, inheriting her great-aunt Octavia’s house, running her bakery, and caring for a 250-pound English mastiff named Baby, in New Bison, Michigan, in the Baker Street mysteries (V.M. Burns real name)

Katie Gutierrez: non-series

Meredith Hambrock: non-series

Virginia Hartman: non-series

T.G. Herren: Valerie Cooper, inheriting a major interest in New Orleans Fine Antiques, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Greg Herren pseudonym)

Gabino Iglesias: non-series, horror-tinged

Valona Jones: Twins Tabby and Sage Winslow, owners of the Book and Candle Shop, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Magic Candle Shop mysteries (Maggie Toussaint pseudonym)

Claire Kells: Felicity Harland, a 32-year-old former FBI agent now working with the Investigative Services Bureau around the country, in the National Parks mysteries

James L’Etoile: John Penley, and his new partner Paula Newberry, homicide detectives in Sacramento, California; Nathan Parker, a police detective in Maricopa County, Arizona; Emily Hunter and Javier Medina, homicide detectives in Sacramento, California

Joan Long: non-series

M.A. Monnin: Stefanie Adams, a private banker on vacation, in the Intrepid Traveler mysteries

Korina Moss: Willa Bauer, running a cheese shop, Curds & Whey, in fictional Yarrow Glen, California, in the Cheese Shop mysteries

B.R. Myers: non-series

Emilya Naymark: Laney Bird, an NYPD detective turned small town private investigator, in the hamlet of Sylvan, upstate New York

Ashton Noone: non-series

A.R. Torre: Deanna Madden series

Nina Wachsman: Diana, a Talmudic scholar, and Belladonna, a notorious courtesan, are drawn together in 1612 Venice, Italy, in the Venice Beauties mysteries


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