Jerry Ahern
Jerome Morrell Ahern
Dan Track, an agent with American military intelligence:

The Ninety Nine (1984)

Atrocity (1984)

The Armageddon Conspiracy (1984)

The Hard Way (1984)

Origin of a Vendetta (1985)

Certain Blood (1985)

Master of D.E.A.T.H. (1985)

Revenge of the Master (1985)

The D.E.A.T.H. Hunters (1985)

Cocaine Run (1985)

Josh Culhane, a best-selling author, and Mary Mulrooney, his beautiful, athletic girlfriend, in the Takers series:

The Takers (1984)

River of Gold (1985)
[written with Sharon Ahern]

David Holden, a former Navy SEAL and the Patriots, fighting urban Marxists of the Front for the Liberation of North America, in the Defenders series:

The Battle Begins (1988)

The Killing Wedge (1988)

Out of Control (1988)

Decision Time (1989)

Entrapment (1989)

Escape (1989)

Vengeance (1989)

Justice Denied (1989)

Death Grip (1990)

The Good Fight (1990)

The Challenge (1990)

No Survivors (1990)

Ed Mulvaney, a Chicago cop and ex-Green Beret fighting off the ultimate Japanese attack [written with Sharon Ahern]:

The Yakusa Tattoo (1988)

The Kamikaze Legacy (1990)

The Surgical Strike series:

Surgical Strike (1988)

Assault on the Empress (1989)

Infiltrator (1990)

Non-series [written with Sharon Ahern]:

Miamigrad (1987)

WerewolveSS (1990)

Written as Axel Kilgore
Hank Frost, a one-eyed mercenary, in the They Call Me Mercenary series:

The Killer Genesis (1980)

The Slaughter Run (1980)

Fourth Reich Death Squad (1980)

The Opium Hunter (1981)

Canadian Killing Ground (1981)

Vengeance Army (1981)

Slave of the Warmonger (1981)

Assassin’s Express (1982)

The Terror Contract (1982)

Bush Warfare (1982)

Death Lust (1982)

Naked Blade, Naked Gun (1983)

Headshot! (1983)

The Siberian Alternative (1983)

The Afghanistan Penetration (1983)

China Bloodhunt (1983)

Buckingham Blowout (1984)

Eye for Eye (1984)

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