Series Characters by Last Name

Amelia Sachs: rookie beat cop in New York City, and Lincoln Rhyme, a disabled ex-head of NYPD forensics, by Jeffery Deaver

Simon “The Saint” Templar: international thief, millionaire, and master of disguise, by Leslie Charteris

Simon “The Saint” Templar: international thief, millionaire, and master of disguise, by Burl Barer

Bernadette “Cat” Saint Clare: FBI agent with paranormal powers, in St. Paul, Minnesota, by Terri Persons

James Sakura: Japanese-American NYPD lieutenant in New York City, by Harker Moore

Amaia Salazar: 30-year-old police inspector in the Basque region of Spain, in the Baztan trilogy by Dolores Redondo

Salvatore “Junne” Salerno, Jr. and Mickie Mezzonatti, criminal defense lawyers and ex-cops, in Camden, New Jersey, by Ron Liebman

Cassandra (Cassie) Sales: 50 year-old housewife dealing with her workaholic wine importer husband’s stroke in Long Island, New York, by Leslie Glass

Gregory Sallust: British agent battling Nazis, sometimes by occult means, by Dennis Wheatley

Jane Salt: detective constable, and Frank Kavanagh, detective inspector, in Birmingham, England, by David Armstrong

Charles Salter: 40-something police inspector in Toronto, Canada, by Eric Wright

Terry Saltz: who lost his job, wife, truck, and mobile home, starting over as a pizza delivery driver in Spencer, Ohio, by L.T. Fawkes

Samejima: maverick police detective, in Tokyo, Japan, by Arimasa Osawa

Albert Samson: middle-aged, low-key private investigator, in Indianapolis, Indiana, by Michael Z. Lewin

Bernard Samson: 40-something British spy, based in London, England, by Len Deighton

Hannah Sampson: CSI diver in the British Virgin Islands, by Kathy Brandt

Lily Sampson: young American graduate student archeologist, in late 1930s and early 1940s Jerusalem and Morocco, by Aileen Baron

Jake Samson: ex-cop, and Rosie Vicente, a carpenter, in Berkeley, California, by Shelley Singer

John Samson: private investigator in London, England, by Miles Tripp

Robert Sand: the Black Samurai, trained for seven years by a Japanese samurai master, fighting to save the world from sinister threats, by Marc Olden

Commissioner Sanders: English official in colonial Africa, by Edgar Wallace

John Sanders: police detective, and Harriet Jeffries, a photographer, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Sale, Medora

Abigail (Sandy) Sanderson: crisply efficient secretary to Robert (Robby) Forsyth, a retired barrister in London, England, by E.X. Giroux

Commander Joe Sandilands: Scotland Yard detective assigned to post-WWI India, by Barbara Cleverly

Jordan Sandor: CIA agent after bad guys around the world, by Jeffrey S. Stephens

Police Inspector Sands: in Toronto, Canada, by Margaret Millar

Greer Sands: psychic and massage therapist with a teenage son, in fictional Shadow Hills, in the mountains above Los Angeles, California, by Shari Shattuck

Jake Sands: retired salvage agent and finder of lost things in Santa Barbara, California, by Ron Ely

Nikki Sands: in the Napa Valley, California, in the Wine Lovers mysteries by Michele Scott

Spike Sanguinetti: lawyer based in Gibraltar, sleuthing around the Mediterranean, by Thomas Mogford

George Sansi: half- English, half-Indian police inspector, in Bombay, India, by Paul Mann

Chico Santana: wisecracking private investigator on the outs with his wife, in the Bronx, New York, by A.E. Roman

John Santana: homicide detective originally from Colombia, in St. Paul, Minnesota, by Christopher Valen

Jock Sargeant: an ex-con framed for murder and a mysterious billionaire out for revenge, by Daniel da Cruz

Peter Cutler Sargeant II: public relations consultant in New York City, by Edgar Box

Libby Sarjeant: middle-aged actress and private investigator, in Kent, England, by Lesley Cookman

Tamar Saticoy: an archaeological consultant for Interpol, by Aileen G. Baron

Bustianu Satta: lawyer and poet in Sardinia, Italy, by Marcello Fois

Vonna Saucier, and Delbert “Dub” Greenert, private investigators, in New Orleans, Louisiana, by J. Madison Davis

Mark Savage: former stunt man and movie star turned private investigator after a car crash, based in London, England, by Laurence Payne

Myra Savage: by Mark McShane

Spencer Monroe Savage: US diplomat by Paul Theroux

Thornton Savage: police detective in New York City, by John Mackie

Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, husband and wife FBI agents and computer specialists, mostly based in San Francisco, California, by Catherine Coulter

Justin Savile and Cuddy Mangum, police detectives in a small town in North Carolina, by Michael Malone

Pete (Pierre-Ange, Stone Angel) Sawyer: French-American private investigator in Paris, France, by Marvin Albert

Reyn Sawyer: sassy hair stylist in San Antonio, Texas, by Laura Bradley

Conway Sax: no-nonsense auto mechanic with a knack for solving difficult problems, around Framingham, Massachusetts, by Steve Ulfelder

Saxon: former US FBI agent turned true-crime writer, and Grace Fitzgerald, Detective Chief Superintendent with the murder squad, in Dublin, Ireland, by Ingrid Black

Saxon: actor and private eye in Los Angeles, California, by Les Roberts

Alan Saxon: professional golfer, by Keith Miles (Edward Marston)

Catherine Sayler: private investigator in San Francisco, California, by Linda Grant

Hillary Scarborough: a domestic artiste, and her assistant, Jane Ferguson, an ex-law student, in the Murder by Design series by Paula Carter

Hannah Scarlett: Detective Chief Inspector of the Cold Case Squad, and Daniel Kind, retired Oxford historian, in the Lake District of England, by Martin Edwards

Dr. Kay Scarpetta: chief medical examiner in Richmond, Virginia, by Patricia Cornwell

Karin Schaeffer: former homicide detective whose family was murdered, in Brooklyn, New York, by Katia Lief (Kate Pepper)

Buck Schatz: 80-something retired cop with memory problems, in Memphis, Tennessee, by Daniel Friedman

Rocco Schiavone: deputy prefect of police exiled from Rome to Aosta, a small touristy town in the Italian Alps, by Antonio Manzini

Inspector Schmidt: colorless cop with a brilliant mind, in New York City, by George Bagby (Aaron Mark Stein)

Lenny Schneider: hardboiled Jewish private investigator, based in New York City, by Ed Goldberg

Pete Schofield: private investigator, and his wife Jeannie, in Los Angeles, California, by Thomas B. Dewey

Shane Schofield: leader of a team of Marines, by Matthew Reilly

Joe “Shoe” Schumacher: ex-cop, professional wrestler, and bodyguard, in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Michael Blair

Hubert Schuze: pot hunter and owner of a shop selling Native American pottery in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by J. Michael Orenduff

Dulcie Schwartz: Harvard doctoral candidate living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the ghost of her cat Mr. Grey, by Clea Simon

Ike Schwartz: sheriff in the small town, Picketsville, Virginia, by Frederick Ramsay

Rebecca Schwartz: Jewish feminist lawyer in San Francisco, California, by Julie Smith

Janet Scott: straight-laced detective constable, and Rachel Bailey, a detective constable from a deprived childhood, in Manchester, England, by Cath Staincliffe

Joe Scintilla: private investigator based in 1930s New York, by S.T. Joshi

Nicolette Scott: archaeologist in the southwestern USA, by Val Davis (Robert & Angie Irvine)

Philip Scott: by Hartley Howard (Harry Carmichael)

Shell Scott: ex-Marine private investigator, in Los Angeles, California, by Richard Prather

Matt Scudder: reformed alcoholic and unlicensed private eye, in New York City by Lawrence Block

Shane Scully: police sergeant in Los Angeles, California, by Stephen J. Cannell

Simon Serrailler: police Chief Inspector in Lafferton, England, by Susan Hill

Caleb Shaw, Oliver Stone, Milton Farb, and Reuben Rhodes: The Camel Club, a group of four dysfunctional men who investigate political conspiracies, and honorary member Alex Ford, a Secret Service agent, in Washington, DC, by David Baldacci

Sean “NMI” Sean: private investigator in Hennepin County, Minnesota, by Carl Brookins

Silas Seaweed: a Coast Salish Aboriginal beat cop on the streets of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, by Stanley Evans

Gilles Sebag: police detective based in Perpignan, in the Catalan area of France, by Phiippe Georget

Harry Sedall: British military intelligence colonel, based in London, England, by J.K. Mayo

Gordon Seegerman: reluctant public defender by day and lead singer in a Barry Manilow cover band by night, in northern California, by Dylan Schaffer

Libby Seale: a seamstress from New York, and newspaper reporter Peter Eberle, in 1894 Portland, Oregon, by M.J. Zellnik

Alexander Seaton: schoolmaster in 1620s Banff and Aberdeen, Scotland, by Shona MacLean

Michael Seeley: bi-coastal (New York & California) intellectual property litigator with serious personal problems, by Paul Goldstein

Miss Emily D. Seeton: retired British art teacher in Kent, England, by Heron Carvic

Claudia Seferius: vineyard owner in 1st century Rome, Italy, by Marilyn Todd

Nicholas Segalla: time-traveling scholar in England, by Ann Dukthas (Paul Doherty)

Mavis Seidlitz: blonde private investigator with Gracie Allen tendencies, by Carter Brown

Inspector Konrad Sejer: working in a small mountain village in Norway, by Karin Fossum

Gerhard Self: former public prosecutor during the Nazi era, now a private investigator in his late 60s, in 1980s Mannheim, in the newly unified Germany, by Bernhard Schlink

Sara Selkirk: renowned cellist, in Bath, England, by Morag Joss

Joe Serpe: disgraced NYPD narcotics detective, now driving a heating oil delivery truck and doing some private investigating with his nemesis Bob Healy, the retired Internal Affairs officer, in New York City, by Tony Spinosa (Reed Farrel Coleman)

Jane Serrano: 40-something widow working in Thornton’s Books in fictional Juniper, Oregon, by Elizabeth C. Main

Brano Sev, Emil Brod, Ferenc Kolyeszar, and other police and intelligence agents in Communist-era Eastern Europe, by Olen Steinhauer

Grady Service: Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Woods Cop series by Joseph Heywood

Frank Sessions: homicide detective lieutenant, Manhattan North, in New York City, by Hillary Waugh

Mick Sever: rock and roll journalist, by Don Bruns

Dr. Grace Severance: retired pathologist in Arizona, by Margaret Scherf

Knute Severson: police detective in Boston, Massachusetts, by Tobias Wells (Stanton Forbes)

Hitchcock Sewell and his Aunt Billie, certified morticians in Baltimore, Maryland, by Tim Cockey

Annie Seymour: police reporter in New Haven, Connecticut, by Karen E. Olson

Sandor Pelczynski Seymour: multilingual officer with England’s Special Branch in the early 1900s, by Michael Pearce

Kate Shackleton: private detective whose husband is MIA in WWI, in 1920s Bradford, Yorkshire, England, by Frances Brody

Brad Shade: journeyman pro hockey player for 14 years, now scouting for Los Angeles in the National Hockey League, by G.B. Joyce

Rene Shade: ex-boxer, now a police detective, in the bayou town St. Bruno, Louisiana, by Daniel Woodrell

Ron Shade: tough-guy private investigator with a soft heart, and a martial arts expert, in Chicago, Illinois, by Michael A. Black

Dr. Susan Shader: psychiatrist and criminal profiler in Chicago, Illinois, by Joseph Glass

“The Shadow”, a private investigator in the USA, by Maxwell Grant

John Shaft: tough, black private detective in New York City, by Ernest Tidyman

John Shakespeare: investigator and older brother of Will, in Elizabethan (1580s-1590s) England, by Rory Clements

Will Shakespeare: a young writer, and Tuck Smythe, an aspiring actor, the Elizabethan era’s answer to Holmes and Watson, in London, England, by Simon Hawke

Sir Roger Shallot: agent of Cardinal Wolsey in England, by Michael Clynes (Paul Doherty)

Tom Shaman: 30-something burned out ex-priest formerly serving in Los Angeles who heads for Italy, by Jon Trace (Michael Morley)

Dan Shamble: zombie private investigator at Shamble & Die (Chambeaux & Deyer) Investigations, in the Big Uneasy, by Kevin J. Anderson

Alex Shanahan: general manager of Majestic Airlines, in Boston, Massachusetts, and elsewhere, sometimes undercover investigator in the airline industry, and later a private investigator, by Lynne Heitman

Dietrich “Deets” Shanahan: 70-something former Army intelligence officer and semi-retired private investigator, in Indianapolis, Indiana, by Ronald Tierney

Peter Shandy: college botany professor, and Helen Marsh Shandy, a librarian, in Balaclava County, Massachusetts, by Charlotte MacLeod

Randall Shane: ex-FBI agent and expert in child abductions, by Chris Jordan (W.R. Philbrick)

Del Shannon: a young, female missing-persons investigator, based in Tucson, Arizona, by Darrell James

John Shannon: ex-NYPD detective turned special agent (code-name “Shango”), in the East Coast series by Clyde W. Ford

John J. Shannon: by Cleve F. Adams

Lucy Shannon: newspaper reporter in New York City, by Dick Belsky

Rick Shannon: FM rock disc jockey and private investigator in the Mississippi Delta, by Bill Fitzhugh

Desiree Shapiro: 5' 2" queen-sized private investigator in New York City, by Selma Eichler

Frank Shapiro, Cal Donovan, and Liz Graham, cops in Castlemere, England, by Jo Bannister

Nathan Shapiro: Jewish cop usually working in homicide under Bill Weigand, in New York City, by Richard & Frances Lockridge

Simon Shard: Detective Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard, in London, England, by Philip McCutchan

Matthew Shardlake: lawyer in mid-16th century England,by C.J. Sansom

Nick Sharman: hard-living ex-cop private eye in London, England, by Mark Timlin

Nayir Sharqi: a Palestinian-Bedouin desert guide, and Katya Hijazi, a forensic scientist, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by Zoë Ferraris

Dan Sharp: missing persons investigator and gay single father in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Jeffrey Round

Jasmine Sharp, a former actress, now a private investigator, and Catherine McLeod, a detective superintendent, in Glasgow, Scotland, by Christopher Brookmyre

Ray Sharp: American expatriate journalist and detective, in east Asia, by Eric Stone

Karen Sharpe: detective constable, later detective sergeant, in 1990s Yorkshire, England, by John Connor

Nicola Sharpe: tall, tough 29-year-old private investigator, in the Balmain area of Sydney, Australia, by Cathy Cole

Claire Sharples: microbiologist in the San Joaquin Valley, California, by Rebecca Rothenberg

Shaw: an operative for a secret global intelligence agency, and Katie James, a disgraced investigative journalist, by David Baldacci

Abby Shaw: who leaves a career in corporate law and a cheating husband to return to her hometown of Paradise, Colorado, to take over her aunt’s candy shop, Divinity, in the Candy Shop mysteries by Sammi Carter

Cassidy Shaw, a reporter, Allison Pierce, a federal prosecutor, and Nicole Hedge, an FBI special agent, in the Triple Threat series, by Lis Wiehl and April Henry

Dan Shaw: former military policeman, now a cop going to night law school and studying for the bar exam, in the Florida Keys, by Ron Faust

Esmonde Shaw: Commander in the English Naval Intelligence Division, later with a semi-official intelligence agency called 6D2, by Philip McCutchan

James Shaw: Jewish private investigator in New York City, by Isidore Haiblum

Kate Shaw: a new schoolteacher in a new town, and Monday Malone, a Texas cowboy heading for Montana, in fictional 1870s Warbonnet, Wyoming, by Robert Kresge

Marlo Shaw: professional female cricketer and amateur sleuth, in Melbourne, Australia, by Carolyn Morwood

Samantha Shaw: owner of Heart Mates dating service and single mother of two, in Lake Elsinore, California, by Jennifer Apodaca

Paul Shaw: private investigator, and partner in Thayer, Shaw, and Delaney, in New York City and Los Angeles, California, by Mark Sadler

Peter Shaw, detective inspector, and George Valentine, detective sergeant, in Norfolk, England, by Jim Kelly

Simon Shaw: professor of history in Raleigh, North Carolina, by Sarah R. Shaber

Van Shaw: Army Ranger raised as a thief, in Seattle, Washington, by Glen Erik Hamilton

Hector Belascoaran Shayne: one-eyed, half-Irish, half-Basque, Coca-Cola-swilling private investigator in Mexico City, by Paco Ignacio Taibo II

Michael Shayne: red-haired, hard-boiled private detective in Miami, Florida, by Brett Halliday (this page contains all Michael Shayne books by all authors)

Graham Sheldon: a cop, and his girlfriend Lee Ofsted, a struggling woman golfer, by Aaron Elkins & Charlotte Elkins

Paul Shenstone: police detective in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Mel Bradshaw

Allie Shenton: detective sergeant in Stoke-on-Trent, England, by Mel Sherratt

Dan “Spider” Shepherd: former SAS trooper turned undercover cop, based in London, England, by Stephen Leather

Jack Shepherd: American ex-patriot lawyer, whose wife left him for a proctologist, now teaching in a business school in Bangkok, Thailand, by Jake Needham

J. Shepard: lawyer who surfs, in Christianitos, California, by John DeCure

Sam (Samantha) Shephard: young detective constable in Dunedin, New Zealand, by Vanda Symon

Robert Sherard: great-grandson of Wordsworth, and Oscar Wilde, poet, wit, and playwright, friend of Arthur Conan Doyle, investigate murders in Victorian England, Scotland, and France, by Gyles Brandreth

Archie Sheridan: police detective, and Gretchen Lowell, a serial killer who tortured and released him, in Portland, Oregon, by Chelsea Cain

Dan Sheridan: attorney in Boston, Massachusetts, by Barry Reed

Roger Sheringham: writer and obnoxious sleuth, in London, England, by Anthony Berkeley

Winston Marlowe Sherman: professor in Aisley, New York, by M.K. Lorens

Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, husband and wife FBI agents and computer specialists, mostly based in San Francisco, California, by Catherine Coulter

Payton Sherwood: private investigator in the East Village, New York City, by Russell Atwood

Jefferson Shields: private detective in 1960s Australia, by Patricia Carlon

Mark Shigata: Japanese-American ex-FBI agent turned police chief, in Bayport, Texas, by Anne Wingate

Rei Shimura: Japanese-American who would like to become an antiques dealer, in Tokyo, Japan, by Sujata Massey

Cass (Cassandra) Shipton: owner of Earthlore Herbal Preparations and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, and a member of a study group turned coven, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, by Dolores Stewart Riccio

David Shirazi: CIA agent assigned to Iran, by Joel C. Rosenberg

Ben Shock and Charity Tucker, unlicensed private investigators in the 1970s, by Patrick Buchanan (Edwin Corley)

Jemima Shore: investigative television journalist in London, England, by Antonia Fraser

Jocelyn Shore: a high school teacher from Austin, Texas, by Janice Hamrick

Marla Shore: beauty salon owner in south Florida, in the Bad Hair Day Mysteries, by Nancy Cohen

Chris Shovelin: down-at-the-heals 50-something British private investigator, in California and Kenya, by Julian Rathbone

Kate Shugak: native Alaskan ex-DA investigator, who lives on a 160-acre homestead in a generic national Park in Alaska with her half-wolf, half-husky dog named Mutt, by Dana Stabenow

Jo Beth Sidden: bloodhound trainer and tracker in Georgia, by Virginia Lanier

Isaac Sidel: deputy police commissioner, later Mayor, in New York City, by Jerome Charyn

Phoebe Siegel: private investigator in Billings, Montana, by Sandra West Prowell

Omar Yussef Sihran: 50-ish schoolteacher in a Palestinian refugee camp, living in Bethlehem, Palestinian Authority, by Matt Beynon Rees

John Silence: physician in England, by Algernon Blackwood

Fiona Silk: talent-challenged romance writer, in the bilingual tourist town St. Aubaine, Quebec, Canada, by Mary Jane Maffini

Dr. Thomas Silkstone: American anatomist working in 1780s England, by Tessa Harris

Joe Silva: police chief in Mellingham, Massachusetts, by Susan Oleksiw

Mario Silva: chief inspector for criminal matters of the federal police, in Brazil, by Leighton Gage

David Silver: homicide cop, and String, an alien Elaki partner, in the USA, by Lynn S. Hightower

Emily Silver: actress in New York City, by Carol Brennan

Gwen Katz Silver, from Manhattan, inheriting a Jewish deli, Murray’s Pastrami Swami, in Nashville, Tennessee, in the Deadly Deli mysteries by Delia Rosen

Miss Maud Silver: retired governess and teacher who becomes a professional private detective, in London, England, by Patricia Wentworth

Abby Silvernale: newly-widowed thirty-year old waitress in upstate Bantam, New York, by Julia Pomeroy

Guy Silvestri: police detective in Massachusetts, by Maggie Rennert

Bernie Simmons: assistant district attorney in New York City, by Richard & Frances Lockridge

Bernie and Libby Simmons: caterers in Longely, New York, in the Mystery with Recipes series by Isis Crawford (Barbara Block)

Grant Simon: by Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips)

Margo Simon: public radio reporter in San Diego, California, by Janice Steinberg

Konrad Simonsen: detective inspector in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Lotte & Søren Hammer

Arthur Abdel Simpson: comic rogue and petty crook, in England, by Eric Ambler

Oliver Simpson: Detective Inspector, and Philipa Lowe, an amateur sleuth, in England, by Roger Omerod

Tim Simpson: financial consultant turned art investment specialist in London, England, by John Malcolm

Abby Sinclair: freelance security consultant who hunts stalkers, and Tess McCallum, an FBI special agent, in Los Angeles, California, by Michael Prescott

Cecily Sinclair: Edwardian hotel owner in Badger’s End, England, in the Pennyfoot Hotel mysteries by Kate Kingsbury

Chris Sinclair: district attorney in San Antonio, Texas, by Jay Brandon

Dev Sinclair: the new owner of an old-fashioned shop in a small town in Missouri, in the Devereaux Dime Store series by Denise Swanson

Evangeline Sinclair and Trixie Dolan, aging actresses in London, England, by Marian Babson

John “Chant” Sinclair: Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam and martial arts master turned artist, by George Chesbro

Matthew Arthur Sinclair: gay epileptic DA turned store owner in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Tony Fennelly

Mort Sinclair: respected genealogist and lawyer on Fogge Island off the New England Coast, by Gene Stratton

Rowland Sinclair: young artist and gentleman from a wealthy family, and reluctant amateur sleuth, in 1930s Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, by Sulari Gentill

Tori Sinclair: a Yankee librarian moving to Sweet Briar, South Carolina, in the Southern Sewing Circle mysteries by Elizabeth Lynn Casey (Laura Bradford)

Tucker Sinclair: 30-something divorcee and financial adviser, in Los Angeles, California, by Patricia Smiley

Judith Singer: resident of Long Island, New York, by Susan Isaacs

Marcy Singer: owner of an embroidery shop, The Seven-Year Stitch, in fictional Tallulah Falls, Oregon, in the Embroidery mysteries by Amanda Lee (Gayle Trent)

Marty Singer: retired homicide detective in Washington, DC, by Matthew Iden

Inspector Singh: police inspector based in Singapore, by Shamini Flint

Hugh de Singleton: surgeon in Bampton, near Oxford, during the reign of Edward III, in 14th century England, by Mel Starr

Odd Singsaker: police inspector in Trondheim, Norway, by Jørgen Brekke

Nico Sirsky: chief of the criminal investigation division, La Crim’, in Paris, France, in the Paris Homicide series by Frédérique Molay

Joe Sixsmith: private detective in Luton, England, by Reginald Hill

Conny Sjöberg: police detective in the Hammarby police station in Stockholm, Sweden, by Carin Gerhardsen

Georgia Skeehan: rookie fire marshal in New York City, by Suzanne Chazin

Robert Skinner: high-ranking cop in Edinburgh, Scotland, by Quintin Jardine

Max Skull: movie director, and Margot O’Banion, a film editor, based in Los Angeles, California. by Kit Sloane

Anthony Slade: Superindendent at Scotland Yard, in London, England, by Leonard Gribble

Jo Slater: sociopathic socialite in New York City, by Jane Stanton Hitchcock

Bill Slider: police inspector at Shepherd’s Bush CID, in London, England, by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Boris Slivka: hard-drinking screenwriter, and his partner Larry Baker, in Hollywood, California, by Carter Brown

Aggie Sloan-Wilcox: wife of the minister of the Consolidated Community Church, in Emerald Springs, Ohio, in the Ministry Is Murder series by Emilie Richards

Charley Sloan: criminal attorney in Detroit, Michigan, by William J. Coughlin

Christopher Dennis “Seedy” Sloan: Berebury CID department head in West Calleshire, England, by Catherine Aird

David Sloane: lawyer in Seattle, Washington, by Robert Dugoni

Duncan Sloan: private investigator in Florida, by Bob Truluck

Dr. Mark Sloan: Chief of Internal Medicine at Community General Hospital who consults with the LAPD, in Los Angeles, California, in the Diagnosis Murder TV novelizations by Lee Goldberg

Sydney Sloan: lesbian private investigator in New York City, in the Stonewall Inn mysteries, by Randye Lordon

Drew Slocombe: former nurse who has become an undertaker in Bradbourne, England, by Rebecca Tope

David Small: rabbi and sleuth in Barnard’s Crossing, Massachusetts, by Harry Kemelman

Jake Small: Constable, and Albert V. Tretheway, Inspector, 1940s Canadian police officers in Fort York, Ontario, by A.E. Eddenden

Maxwell Smart: bumbling secret agent working for CONTROL [TV show novelizations], by William Johnston

George Smiley: British Intelligence agent and scholar, based in London, England, by John le Carré

Danny Smiricki: jazz saxophone player, teacher, and observer of post-WW2 life in Czechoslovakia and Canada, by Josef Škvorecký

Bill Smith: 40-something Army brat private eye, and Lydia Chin, a 30-something Chinese American private eye, in New York City, by S.J. Rozan

Brad Smith: championship tennis player and part-time CIA agent, in the United States, by Jack Bickham

Cellini Smith: accountant for the Mob in New York City, turned honest private investigator in Los Angeles, California, by Robert Reeves

Delta Stevens: lesbian police officer in River Valley, California, near Los Angeles, by Linda Kay Silva

Grace Smith: private investigator in Seatoun, England, by Liz Evans

Hannah Smith: fishing guide in Florida, by Randy Wayne White

Jill Smith: homicide detective in Berkeley, California, by Susan Dunlap

Dr. John Smith: by Hugh Pentecost (Judson Philips)

Mackenzie Smith: law professor, and Annabel Reed, a gallery owner, in Washington DC, by Margaret Truman

Marguerite Smith: retired science teacher in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by Marie Lee

Molly Smith: rookie constable, and Sergeant John Winters, in the mountain town Trafalgar, British Columbia, Canada, by Vicki Delany

Owen Smith: detective chief superintendent at Scotland Yard, in London, England, by James Barnett

Phoenix Smith: wounded former CIA operative, recovering in her hometown in Missouri, by Carolyn Mulford

Sloan Smith: assistant to Bedford Green, an art gallery owner in 1920s Greenwich Village, New York, by Michael Kilian

Truman Smith: private eye in Galveston, Texas, by Bill Crider

William Wilberforce Smith: an aristocratic Caribbean operative in the fictitious Security Executive, a British military intelligence organization, by William Haggard

Zachariah Smith: private investigator in Mackie, Oregon, by L.L. Thrasher

Smithsonian, Lacey: the "Crime of Fashion" columnist in Washington D. C. by Ellen Byerrum

Tuck Smythe: aspiring actor,and Will Shakespeare, a young writer, and the Elizabethan era’s answer to Watson and Holmes, in London, England, by Simon Hawke

Terry Sneed: unscrupulous Scotland Yard inspector, based in London, England, by G.F. Newman

Hayley Snow: 20-something food critic for Key Zest magazine, in Key West, Florida, in the Food Critic mysteries by Lucy Burdette (Roberta Isleib pseudonym)

John Snow: young, retired superintendent of Scotland Yard, by Raymond Sawkins (Colin Forbes)

Dr. Morgan Snow: sex therapist in the Butterfield Institute, in New York City, by M.J. Rose

Dr. Robert Snow: at a psychiatric hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, and then Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by David Laing Dawson

Julia Snowden, returning to her hometown to run the Snowden Family Clambake Company, in fictional Busman’s Harbor, Maine, in the Maine Clambake mysteries by Barbara Ross

Aristotle Plato Socarides: ex-cop part-time fisherman and private investigator, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by Paul Kemprecos

The Social Club Mysteries in Borderville, Virginia, by Graham Landrum

Apelu Soifua: detective sergeant, formerly with the San Francisco Police Department, now back home in Pago Pago, American Samoa, in the Jungle Beat mysteries by John Enright

Pauline Sokol: ex-nurse, now an investigator of medical fraud, by Lori Avocato

Lupe Solano: private investigator in Miami, Florida, by Carolina Garcia Aguilera

Bretta Solomon: 45-year-old owner of the Flower Shop in River City, Missouri, in the Gardening mysteries, by Janis Harrison

Sasha Solomon: public relations director in New Mexico, by Pari Noskin Taichert

Steve Solomon, a Coconut Beach bum, and Victoria Lord, a Miami blue blood, in Florida, lawyers in Florida, by Paul Levine

Sonia Someth: owner of Stellar Investigations Detective Agency, and a master of Verdic astrology, in Pune, India, by Manjiri Prabhu

Harry Sommers: former bouncer and con man, now a private investigator, based in London, England, by Peter Whalley

Commissario Soneri: homicide detective in Parma, Italy, by Valerio Varesi

Helen Sorby: social worker, and Milo Kachigan, a policeman, in 1905 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by Karen Rose Cercone

Robert Southwell: detective chief inspector in York, England, in the York Cycle mysteries, by Barbara Whitehead

Anna Southwood: private enquiry agent in Sydney, Australia, by Jean Bedford

Sam Space: private eye on Mars, by William F. Nolan

David Spandau: former movie stuntman, now a private investigator who specializes in serving Hollywood’s elite, in Los Angeles, California, by Daniel Depp

Ben Spanner and H.J. Mavity, ex-spouses in Connecticut, by Ron Goulart

Charlie Sparrow: tough, smart-aleck spy who is irresistible to women, in Mexico and the USA, by Tom Ardies

Aelius Spartianus: former soldier, now historian to Diocletian, in early 4th century Rome, by Ben Pastor

Riley Spartz: investigative TV reporter, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Julie Kramer

Henry Spearman: economics professor at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Marshall Jevons

Brenna Spector: missing persons investigator in New York with Hyperthymestic Syndrome, the ability to remember her own past with all five senses, by Alison Gaylin

Diana Speed: chief financial officer for a publishing company, in New York City, by Tony Gibbs

Veronica Speedwell: young woman seeking adventure in 1880s London, England, by Deanna Raybourn

Giff Speer: master sergeant and undercover agent in the US Army Military Police, around the USA, by Don Tracy

Axel Speeter, Joe Crow, Sam O’Gara, and Tommy Fabian, a group of small-town gamblers in Minnesota, by Peter Hautman

Isabele “Izzy” Spellman: 28-year old sleuth working for her parents’ private investigation firm, in San Francisco, California, by Lisa Lutz

Philip Spence: artist, and Margo Franklin, a waitress, in Chicago, Illinois, by Jerry B. Jenkins

Suzy Spencer: a working mother and part-time television producer, in the village of Tarnfield in the north of England, in the Norbridge Chronicles, by Lis Howell

Spenser: ex-boxer, ex-state cop turned private eye, in Boston, Massachusetts, by Robert B. Parker

Joan Spencer: orchestra manager in Oliver, Indiana, by Sara Hoskinson Frommer

Jon Spicer: detective inspector in Manchester, England, by Chris Simms

Charles Spotted Moon: attorney and Ojibway tribal shaman in San Francisco, California, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Michael Spraggue III: wealthy actor and ex-PI in Boston, Massachusetts, by Linda Barnes

Harley Spring: divorced single mother and supervisor with Sil-Trac, a computer chip company, in Hillsboro, near Portland, Oregon, by Arlene Sachitano

Penny Spring: 60-something anthropologist, and Sir Toby Glendower, a 60-something archaeologist, in Cambridge, England, by Margot Arnold

Cole Springer: former Secret Service agent and saloonkeeper, in Aspen, Colorado, by W.L. Ripley

Maddie Springer: shoe designer turned crime fighter, in Los Angeles, California, in the High Heels romantic mysteries by Gemma Halliday

Judd Springfield: police chief in Coolidge Corners, Vermont, by Alison Smith

Dolly Madison (Maddy) Sprowls: 60-something newspaper archivist for the Herald-Union, and cub reporter Aubrey McGinty, in Hannawa, Ohio, in the Morgue Mama mysteries by C.R. Corwin

Jeremiah Spur: retired white Texas Ranger, and Clyde Thomas, the first black deputy sheriff, in Brenham, Texas, by James Hime

Lee Squires: English professor and poet in Montana, by Christine Andreae

Bruno Stachel: the German flying ace from WWI to 1945, by Jack D. Hunter

Joanna Stafford: young aristocratic nun in 1530s England, by Nancy Bilyeau

Jason Stafford: former Wall Street trader trying to put his life together after two years in prison, and his young autistic son, in Manhattan, New York, by Michael Sears

Nadia Stafford: ex-cop turned hitwoman, in Ontario, Canada, by Kelley Armstrong

Vera Stanhope: detective inspector in East Yorkshire, England, by Ann Cleeves

Kate Stanley: an academic sleuth, directing Shakespeare at the rebuilt Globe Theatre in London, England, and elsewhere, by Jennifer Lee Carrell

David Stark: police inspector in England, by Keith Wright

Harry Stark: curmudgeonly homicide detective who listens to jazz and has a reclusive cat, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by John Worsley Simpson

John Stark: a one-man murder machine hell-bent for revenge, in the Revenger series by Joseph Hedges (Terry Harknett)

Harry Starks: charismatic homosexual gangster in 1960s London, England, by Jake Arnott

Jason Starr, a genius and discredited scientist, and Adam Cyber, a superman from the future, by Peter Heath

Lexie Starr: widowed 40-something library worker, aspiring B&B operator, and amateur sleuth, in Shawnee, Kansas, by Jeanne Glidewell

Inspector Starrett: of the Garda Serious Crime Unit, in County Donegal, Ireland, by Paul Charles

T.D. Stash: unlicensed private investigator, in Florida, by W.R. Philbrick

Charles St. Clair: journalist in 1870s New York City, by Allan Levine

Jean-Louis St. Cyr: an officer in the French Sûreté Nationale, and Herman Kohler, a Gestapo agent, based in 1940s Paris, France, by J. Robert Janes

Sebastian St. Cyr: Viscount Devlin, an investigator in Regency England, by C.S. Harris

Valentin St. Cyr: Creole private detective in the early 20th century, in the Storyville district of New Orleans, Louisiana, by David Fulmer

Jackson Steeg: suspended cop with a drinking problem, in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, by Ira Berkowitz

Reilly Steel: US-trained CSI investigator in Dublin, Ireland, by Casey Hill

Ted Stephens: homicide detective sergeant in Houston, Texas, by Bill Crider and Clyde Wilson

Parker Stern: trial lawyer who has developed stage fright, in Los Angeles, California, by Robert Rotstein

Philip St. George: Satan Sleuth, by Michael Avalone

Sweeney St. George: art history professor specializing in representations of death, in Byzantium, Vermont, by Sarah Stewart Taylor

Marty Stiles, an ex-NYPD cop turned PI, and his assistant Alessandra (Al) Martillo, by Norman Green

Philip St. Ives: professional go-between, by Oliver Bleeck (Ross Thomas)

Alex St. James: TV reporter based in Chicago, Illinois, by Julie Hyzy

Quin St. James and Mike McCleary, a wife and husband PI team in Florida, by T.J. MacGregor

Jeremiah St. John: private investigator in San Francisco, California, by William Babula

Revelations St. Jones: private investigator in the manner of Sam Spade and Phillip Marlowe, in San Francisco, California, by Barry Shannon

Detective Chief Inspector St. Just of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and Sergeant Fear, in England, by G.M. Malliet

Gideon St. Mars: viscount who becomes the highwayman Blue Satan, and his friend Mrs. Kean, in early 18th century England, by Patricia Wynn

Michael St. Pierre: master thief nearing retirement, operating in Europe, by Richard Doetsch

Sookie Stackhouse: a cocktail waitress and telepath, and her vampire boyfriend, Bill, in small town Louisiana, in the Southern Vampire mysteries by Charlaine Harris

The Honourable Timothy Overbury “Tiger” Standish, in England, by Sydney Horler

Inez Stannert: saloon owner, around 1880 in Leadville, Colorado, in the Silver Rush mysteries by Ann Parker

Harry Starbranch: burned-out Denver cop turned small-town police chief, in Victory, Wyoming, by Gregory Bean

David Stark: American attorney, and Liu Hulan, a Chinese police inspector, combining talents to solve mysteries in China, by Lisa See

Joanna Stark: Art Security Expert in San Francisco, California, by Marcia Muller

Malvin Stark: a nerdy, unsuccessful real estate agent, an alias for Gil Yates, private investigator in Los Angeles, California, by Alistair Boyle

Michael Stark, oversexed, handsome heir-apparent to a herpes ointment fortune, Robert Wilsop, a recovered Catholic and copywriter for feminine hygiene products, and Monette O’Reilley, a towering lesbian and star player of the Leaping Lesbians soccer team and graphic artist in New York, by David Stukas

Morgan Stark: black mercenary soldier, and Felicity O’Brian, an Irish jewel thief, by Austin S. Camacho

Robert Stark: private investigator, by Mark Schorr

Dan Starkey: journalist in Belfast, Northern Ireland, by Colin Bateman

Jenny Starling: traveling cook and caterer in England, by Joyce Cato (Faith Martin)

Maggie Starr: America’s most famous ex-striptease artist, running her late husband’s newspaper syndicate, and her stepson Jack, her VP and chief troubleshooter, in 1948 Manhattan, New York City, by Max Allan Collins

Richard Steel: widowed burned-out ER doctor with a teen-age son, and world-renowned geneticist Kathleen Sullivan, in New York City, by Peter Clement

Nick Stefanos: bartender and private eye, in Washington, DC, by George P. Pelecanos

Elliot Steil: son of an American sugar magnate, later a professor of English at a Cuban college and then working in an import-export business, in Havana, Cuba, by José Latour

Harry Stein: aging hippie and soft-boiled private investigator, once the foremost authority on cannabis, in Los Angeles, California, by Hal Ackerman

Stella the Stargazer, an astrologer and lovelorn columnist in Denver, Colorado, by Christine T. Jorgensen

Paisley Sterling: author of children’s books, in Rowan Springs, Kentucky, by E. Joan Sims

Kirk Stevens: veteran Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent, and Carla Windermere, a young FBI special agent, based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, by Owen Laukkanen

Ted Stevens: hard-luck attorney, and his law partner Paul Morganstein, in Tallahassee, Florida, by Terry Lewis

Blaine Stewart: ex-cop turned private investigator in New York City, by Sharon Zukowski

Kellen Stewart: therapist and lesbian in Great Britain, by Manda Scott

Maggie Stewart: interior decorator in South Carolina, by Shirley Robertson

Neville Stewart: detective inspector, Mark Lombardi, police officer, and Callie Anson, a newly ordained Anglican cleric, in London, England, by Kate Charles

Teal Stewart: Certified Public Accountant in Boston, Massachusetts, by J. Dayne Lamb

Ernest "Stick" Stickley: ex-con in Detroit, Michigan, by Elmore Leonard

Hanno Stiffeniis: magistrate in the Napoleonic era, in early 1800s Konigsberg, Prussia, by Michael Gregorio

Derek Stillwater: a bioterrorism expert with the US Department of Homeland Security, by Mark Terry

Cliff St. James: a former cop, martial arts expert, and private investigator, in post-Katrina New Orleans, Louisiana, by Ed Kovacs

Matthew Stock: 17th century town constable and clothier in Chelmsford, England, by Leonard Tourney

Raine Stockton: who runs a dog boarding and training facility and consults for the the Forest Service after being downsized in a budget cut, and her golden retriever Cisco, in the Smoky Mountains of Hanover County, North Carolina, by Donna Ball

Dr. Charlotte “Charlie” Stone: expert in criminal pathology who can communicate with the newly dead, by Karen Robards

Cotten Stone: television journalist on assignment for SNN (Satellite News Network) reporting on apocalyptic events, by Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore

Jesse Stone: police chief in Paradise, Massachusetts, by Robert B. Parker

Lucy Stone: sleuthing wife and mother of four, in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, by Leslie Meier

Michael Stone: forensic psychologist in Vermont, by Anna Salter

Nick Stone: SAS (special forces) agent, for England, by Andy McNab

Oliver Stone, Milton Farb, Caleb Shaw, and Reuben Rhodes: The Camel Club, a group of four dysfunctional men who investigate political conspiracies, and honorary member Alex Ford, a Secret Service agent, in Washington, DC, by David Baldacci

Savannah Stone, a math puzzle creator, and her husband Zach, a retired Charlotte police chief, in rural North Carolina, in the Mystery by the Numbers series by Casey Mayes (Tim Myers)

Sergeant Stone and Detective Superintendent Trewley, village detective partners in Allshire, England, by Sarah J. Mason

Kala Stonechild: First Nations police recruit, and detective Jacques Rouleau, in Ottawa, later Kingston, Ontario, Canada, by Brenda Chapman

Harry Stoner: private investigator in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Jonathan Valin

Donald Strachey: gay private investigator, and Timothy Calahan, a legislative aide for a New York state senator, in Albany, New York, by Richard Stevenson

Claymore Straker: South African oil company engineer in the wilds of Yemen, by Paul E. Hardisty

Brenda Strange: lesbian private investigator of the weird, in Tampa, Florida, by Patty Henderson

Derek Strange, black and successful, and Terry Quinn, white and barely holding on, ex-cops turned private investigators, in Washington, DC, by George P. Pelecanos

Sylvia Strange: forensic psychologist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, by Sarah Lovett 

Nigel Strangeways: Oxford graduate, in England, by Nicholas Blake

Ted Stratton: detective inspector in 1940s London, England, by Laura Wilson

Streeter: bounty hunter and private investigator, in Denver, Colorado, by Michael Stone

Dave Strickland: private investigator in San Jose, California, by Thomas D. Davis

Eric Stride: police inspector with the Newfoundland Constabulary, in late 1940s St. John's, Newfoundland, before confederation with Canada, by Thomas Rendell Curran

Jonathan Stride: detective lieutenant in Duluth, Minnesota, by Brian Freeman

Jacob Striker: homicide detective in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by Sean Slater

Jonce Striker: founder of Investigative Services, Inc., and Natasha Chamberlain, a young investigator, in Knoxville, Tennessee, by Christy Tillery French

String: an alien Ilaki, partners with a homicide cop, in the USA by Lynn S. Hightower

Jim Stringer: railroad worker and amateur sleuth in the early 1900s, in England, by Andrew Martin

Crissa Stone: a professional criminal with a lover in prison and a daughter she’d like to get back, by Wallace Stroby

Ellie (Eleonora) Stone: young journalist working for a small town daily newspaper, in 1960s New Holland, New York, by James W. Ziskin

Fleming Stone: bookish private investigator, frequently called in to help the police solve a crime, in New York City, by Carolyn Wells

Wyatt Storme: ex-NFL star, Vietnam vet, and private investigator, in Branson, Missouri, by W.L. Ripley

Sean Stranahan: painter, fly fisherman, and private investigator, and Sheriff Martha Ettinger, in Montana, by Keith McCafferty

Keye Street: Chinese-American private investigator, booted out of the FBI for alchoholism, in Atlanta, Georgia, by Amanda Kyle Williams

Rose Strickland: struggling waitress at Ma’s Diner and part-time college student, in fictional Huntingford, Missouri, by Terri L. Austin

Cormoran Strike: private detective, and his secretary/assistant Robin Ellacott, in London, England, by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling)

Caitlin Strong: fifth-generation Texas Ranger, sometimes working as a psychological therapist, in San Antonio, Texas, by Jon Land

Lydia Strong: true-crime writer in New York City, with side trips to New Mexico and Florida, by Lisa Miscione

Dixie T. Struthers: detective sergeant in the early days of Silicon Valley (late 1980s), in San José, California, by L.V. Sims

Harris Stuyvesant: former investigator for the U.S. Justice department, and Bennett Grey, a recluse with heightened senses after his near death in WWI, in the 1920s, by Laurie R. King

John Stryker: detective sergeant in Los Angeles, California, by Dallas Barnes

Jane Stuart: widowed literary agent, and Winky the cat, in Shady Hills, New Jersey, by Evan Marshall

Professor Lizabeth “Lizzie” Stuart: 30-something African-American crime historian, in Kentucky and Virginia, by Frankie Y. Bailey

Adam Stubø: detective inspector, and Johanne Vik, an Oslo University psychology professor and former FBI profiler, in Oslo, Norway, by Anne Holt

Jakob Studer: police sergeant (Wachtmeister) in 1930s Bern, Switzerland, by Friedrich Glauser

Peter Styles: investigative reporter, by Judson Philips

George Sueno and Ernie Bascom, US military police officers in 1960s-1970s Seoul, South Korea, by Martin Limón

C.W. Sughrue: ex-Army spy turned private eye, in Montana, by James Crumley

Carolyn Sullivan: single mom, part-time law student, and overworked probation officer, in Ventura County, California, by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Giles Sullivan: retired attorney, and Isabel Macintosh, a faculty dean, in Vermont, in the Crossword Puzzle mysteries by Herbert Resnicow

Henry Sullivan: 30-something book hound, in Boston, Massachusetts, by Vincent McCaffrey

Liz Sullivan: freelance writer and organic gardener, and Police Detectives Paul Drake and Bruno Morales in Palo Alto, California, by Lora Roberts

Mac Sullivan: retired cop, and Whiskey, his Irish Wolfhound partner, along with Rachel Brenner, a 40-something divorcee and mother of a teenaged son, in Washington, DC, by Evelyn David

Maggie Summer: the owner of Shadows, an antique print business, in Maine, by Lea Wait

Reagan Summerside:, running her consignment shop The Prissy Fox with her Aunt KiKi, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Consignment Shop mysteries by Duffy Brown

Sumuru: a master plotter working towards world dominance, by Sax Rohmer

Simon Sunderson: retiring from a career as a state police detective, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, by Jim Harrison

Jack Susko: used book dealer and amateur sleuth in Sydney, Australia, by Lenny Bartulin

Dr. Evelyn Sutcliffe: emergency room physician at Manhattan Hospital, in New York City, by Leah Ruth Robinson

Andy and Jenny Sutherland, who confront the end of civilization as we know it when oil stops, by Alex Scarrow

Erlendur Sveinsson: detective inspector, and his colleagues Sigurdur Oli and Elinborg, in Reykjavik, Iceland, by Arnaldur Indridason

Mike Svenson: police officer, and Nell Matthews, a newspaper reporter, in Grantham, Oklahoma, by Eve K. Sandstrom

Bob Lee Swagger (“the Nailer”), a master sniper in the USA, by Stephen Hunter

Alfred Swain: detective inspector at Scotland Yard in late 19th century England, by Donald Thomas

A.P. “Ape” Swain: free-lance international agent mostly in the Middle East, by Daniel da Cruz

Bert Swain: divorced middle-aged writer and head of public relations at a Manhattan medical research center, in New York City, by Paul Nathan

Joe Swallow: detective sergeant in 1880s Dublin, Ireland, by Conor Brady

Cassie Swann: professional bridge player, in Bellington, England, by Susan Moody

Henry Swann: private investigator subsisting on skip-tracing in Manhattan, New York City, by Charles Salzberg

Nell Sweeney: governess in post-Civil-War Boston, Massachusetts, in the Guilded Age mysteries, by P.B. Ryan

Samantha Sweet: caretaker for the USDA who opens a pastry shop in northern New Mexico, by Connie Shelton

Caleb Sweetwater: policeman in New York City, by Anna Katherine Green

Hannah Swensen: manager of The Cookie Jar in Lake Eden, Minnesota, by Joanne Fluke

Charlotte “Charlie” Swift: former Air Force investigator, now working as a private investigator, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by Laura DiSilverio

Eleanor Swift: owner of pizza restaurant “A Slice of Delight” in Timber Ridge, North Carolina, by Chris Cavender (Tim Myers)

Jamie Swift: editor of a newspaper, and Max Holt, a young genius and animal rights activist, and in Beaumont, South Carolina, by Janet Evanovich with Charlotte Hughes

Loren Swift: laid-back Vietnam veteran private investigator, in Charlottesville, Virginia; Steven Kirk, a burned-out CIA agent, in Charlottesville, Virginia, by Doug Hornig

Sabina Swift: detective agency owner in Washington, DC, by Dorothy Sucher

Kathryn Swinbrooke: physician, apothecary, and death investigator in 15th century Canterbury, England, by C.L. Grace (Paul Doherty)

Oliver Swithin: children’s book author in Great Britain, by Alan Beechey

Bert Swinton: intuitive detective inspector in Sydney, Australia, by Pat Flower

Oliver Swithin: children’s book author in Great Britain, by Alan Beechey

Jack Swyteck: criminal defense lawyer in Miami, Florida, by James Grippando

Annie Szabo: writer and mother, and Madam Mina, a fortune-teller and head of Annie’s late husband’s gypsy clan, in California, by Meredith Blevins

Zoe Szabo: former Rolling Stone reporter tuned small town reporter, in New England, by Lisa Kleinholz

Zol Szabo: public health doctor and medical detective, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, by Ross Pennie

Teodor Szacki: world-weary state prosecutor in Warsaw, Poland, by Zygmunt Miloszewski


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