Susan Dunlap
Jill Smith, a homicide detective in Berkeley, California:

Karma (1981)

As a Favor (1984)

Not Exactly a Brahmin (1985)

Too Close to the Edge (1987)

A Dinner To Die For (1987)

Diamond in the Buff (1990)

Death and Taxes (1992)

Time Expired (1993)

Sudden Exposure (1996)

Cop Out (1998)

Karma and Other Stories2 (2002) [SS]

Vejay Haskell, a Pacific Gas & Electric meter reader in northern California:

An Equal Opportunity Death (1983)

The Bohemian Connection (1985)

The Last Annual Slugfest (1986)

Kiernan O’Shaughnessy, a former San Francisco medical examiner turned private investigator, in La Jolla, California:

Pious Deception (1989)
Finalist 1990 Anthony Award for Best Mystery

Rogue Wave (1991)
Finalist 1992 Anthony Award for Best Mystery

High Fall (1994)

No Immunity (1999)

Darcy Lott, a movie stuntwoman and Zen practitioner, in northern California:

A Single Eye (2006)

Hungry Ghosts (2008)

Civil Twilight (2009)

Power Slide (2010)

No Footprints (2012)

Switchback (2015)

Out of Nowhere (2016)


The Celestial Buffet and Other Morsels of Murder2 (2001) [SS]

Karma and Other Stories (2002) [SS]

Fast Friends (2004)

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