Series Characters by Last Name

Magdalene la Batarde: whorehouse madame in 12th-century London, England, by Roberta Gellis

Devonie Lace by Gina Cresse

Captain Gabriel Lacey: former cavalry officer in Regency-era London, England, by Ashley Gardner

Jordan Lacey: ex-cop, start-up private investigator, in Latching, England, by Stella Whitelaw

Meg Lacey: private investigator in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by Elisabeth Bowers

Peter Lacey: in Spain and elsewhere, by Denis Kilcommons

Eddie LaCrosse: sword-for-hire (anything but murder) private investigator in a fantasy medieval world, by Alex Bledsoe

Miss Elizabeth Lacy and the Darling Dahlias, a garden club, in fictional 1930s Darling, Alabama, by Susan Wittig Albert

Oswald de Lacy, the young Lord of Somerhill Manor, during the Black Plague in mid-14th century Kent, England, by S.D. Sykes

Tim Lacy: security expert investigating crime and fraud in the international art world, by Derek Wilson

Shep Ladderback: aging obituary writer for a tabloid, and his assistant Andrea “Andy” Cosicki, who also writes the Mr. Action consumer column, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Bill Kent

Dee Laguerre: Bureau of Land Management ranger in Nevada, by Kirk Mitchell

Danielle Laidlaw: investigator for a covert branch of the National Research Institute, by Graham Brown

Jack Laidlaw: police detective in Glasgow, Scotland, by William McIlvanney

David Eric Laine: in-the-closet gay LAPD homicide detective by P.A. Brown

Andrew Laird: international marine insurance claim investigator, by Michael Kirk (US) or Robert MacLeod (UK)

Honey (Honoria Potterton-Phipps) Laird: party-girl turned detective sergeant, then inspector, in Edinburgh, Scotland, by Gerald Hammond

Barrett Lake: history teacher in Berkeley, California, by Shelley Singer

Kerry Lake: detective in England, by Bill James

Lavinia Lake and Tobias March, lovers and partners-in-crime investigators in Regency London, England, by Amanda Quick (Jayne Ann Krentz)

Rick Van Lam: an Amerasian (Vietnamese mother & American G.I. father) insurance investigator in Hartford, Connecticut by Andrew Lanh (Ed Ifkovic)

Dotsy Lamb: recently divorced ancient and medieval history professor from Virginia, traveling in Europe with her friend Lettie, by Maria Hudgins

Ernest Lamb: police inspector in London, England, by Patricia Wentworth

Trevor Lambert: hotel manager and sometime house detective in various locations in North America, by Daniel Edward Craig

Superintendent John Lambert and Detective Sergeant Bert Hook, policemen and golf enthusiasts in Gloucestershire, England, by J.M. Gregson

Duca Lamberti: physician just released from prison for performing euthanasia, now turned private investigator, in Milan, Italy, by Giorgio Scerbanenco

Nick Lambros: Greek immigrant and cafe owner, and Julia Lambros, cafe owner and part-time speech pathologist in Delphi, Georgia, by Takis and Judy Iakovou

Gloria Lamerino: 50-something physicist in Revere Beach, Massachusetts, by Camille Minichino

Caro Lamont, a pet therapist, and her cousin Melinda Langston, owner of The Bow Wow Boutique, in Laguna Beach, California, in the Pampered Pets mysteries by Sparkle Abbey

Monique Lamont: District Attorney, and Win Garano, a mixed-race state investigator, in Boston, Massachusetts, by Patricia Cornwell

Arnold Landon: medieval architecture expert and researcher in Northumberland, England, by Roy Lewis

Harvey Landon: English soldier of fortune, by James Pattinson

Marguerite de Landois: in 1899-1900 Paris, France, by Lisa Appignanesi

Chris Landrum: 50-something and heading for early retirement on the bohemian barrier island, Folly, near Charleston, South Carolina, in the Folly Beach mysteries by Bill Noel

Daisy Lane, caught up in gangster life starting in 1960s London and Gosport, England, by June Hampson

Drury Lane: Shakespearian actor retired due to progressive deafness, on the Hudson River, New York, by Barnaby Ross (Ellery Queen)

Liberty Lane: young woman sleuth in 1830s London, England, by Caro Peacock (Gillian Linscott)

Lorimer Lane: in New York City, by Carolyn Wells

Paul Lane: detective working out of the 19th Precinct in New York City, by Richard Lockridge

Noah Lang, a streetwise PI, and Carly Paladino, a private investigator formerly with a large security firm, in San Francisco, California, by Ronald Tierney

Skip Langdon: policewoman in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Julie Smith

Lizbet Lange: heiress and ex-waitress, who can see murdered undercover police officer Charlie Bilbo, in California, by L.L. Thrasher

Ingrid Langley: novelist and British Agent, and Patrick Gillard, a British army major, by Margaret Duffy

Meg Langslow: decorative blacksmith in a southern town, by Donna Andrews

Melinda Langston, owner of The Bow Wow Boutique, and her cousin Caro Lamont, a pet therapist, in Laguna Beach, California, in the Pampered Pets mysteries by Sparkle Abbey

Nikki Lanier: linguist working with the Carrie Mae Foundation, the supposed philantropic arm of a cosmetics company, but really a secret international organization devoted to helping women, based in Santa Clarita, California, by Bethany Maines

Cliff Lansing: single father and part-time rancher-sheriff, and Gabe Hanna, his deputy, in New Mexico, by Micah S. Hackler

Mark Lapslie: detective chief inspector, and his sergeant, Emma Bradbury, in Essex, England, by Nigel McCrery

Marian Larch: police officer in New York City, by Barbara Paul

Lou Largo: private investigator in New York City, by William Ard

John Spencer Larivière, a former French intelligence officer, Victoire, his karate-trained Eurasian partner, and Luc, their computer-genius sidekick, in international eco-thriller-dom, by Bernard Besson

Cas Larkin: sheriff in fictional Pine County, Tennessee, in the Maryville series by Jackie Griffey

Stephen Larkin: London tabloid journalist whose wife and baby were murdered, now back in his hometown of Newcastle, England, by Martyn Waites

Charlotte Larue: maid in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Barbara Colley

Geri LaRue: hearing-impaired 20-something, and other newspaper reporters in San Francisco, and elsewhere in California, by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Superintendent “Perro” Lascano: Buenos Aires police detective during the military dictatorship in late 1970s Argentina, by Ernesto Mallo

Hector Lassiter: legendary crime novelist who writes what he lives and lives what he writes, in the 1930s-1950s, by Craig McDonald

Jake Lassiter: ex-linebacker turned lawyer in Miami, Florida, by Paul Levine

Quannah Lassiter: Lakota-speaking special investigator for the Texas Rangers, and Willi Gallagher, a part-time English teacher, looking into her American Indian background, in Nickleberry, Texas, by Kat Goldring

Grace Latham: an attractive widow, and John Primrose, a career soldier, in Washington, DC, by Leslie Ford

Charles Latimer: British university lecturer turned detective novelist, in Turkey, by Eric Ambler

Charles and James Latimer: ghosts of English and American cousins killed in the Franco-Prussian War (1870s), by Manning Coles

Nikki Latrelle: a young female jockey in Maryland, by Sasscer Hill

John Latymer: ex-copper and literary tour guide for groups of American tourists in Great Britain, by Judith Cook

Annie Laurance: mystery book store owner, and Max Darling, investigator, in Broward’s Rock, South Carolina, in the Death on Demand series, by Carolyn G. Hart

Lauren Laurano: lesbian private investigator in Manhattan, New York, by Sandra Scoppettone

Commissaire Laviolette: police detective in Provence, France, by Pierre Magnan

Sierra Lavotini: exotic dancer and amateur sleuth, in Panama City, Florida, by Nancy Bartholomew

Jane Lawless: lesbian restaurateur in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Ellen Hart

Joe Lawless: commander of the Felony Squad, and an ensemble cast at Fort Siberia, the Bronx, the toughest precinct in New York City, by Tom Philbin

Belinda Lawrence: young Australian who inherited a cottage near Bath, England, by Brian Kavanagh

Kate Lawrence: middle-aged legal secretary, later real estate agent, and amateur sleuth, in Hartford and Wethersfield, Connecticut, by Judith K. Ivie

Reverend Nick Lawrence: new 28-year-old vicar in the village of Lakehurst, Sussex, England, by Deryn Lake

Loretta Lawson: feminist professor in London, England, by Joan Smith

Cally Lazar: recovering lawyer and an alternative healer, by Claire Daniels (Jaqueline Girdner)

Rina Lazarus: wife of Peter Decker, LAPD detective, in Los Angeles, California by Faye Kellerman

Ben Lazenby: British Council official in England, by James Melville

Francisco (Frank) Leal: a half-Hispanic sergeant with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, and Olivia Hart, a female bodybuilder and officer, in Chicago, Illinois, by Michael A. Black

Archie Lean, newly appointed deputy marshal, and Perceval Grey, a part-Indian Pinkerton agent, in 1890s Portland, Maine, by Kieran Shields

Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, Navajo tribal police officers in the southwest USA, by Tony Hillerman

John Le Brun: retired sheriff, in 1890s Brunswick, Georgia, by Brent Monahan

Reeve LeClaire: kidnapping victim dealing with PTSD and helping other victims, by Carla Norton

Monseiur Lecoq: police detective with the Sûreté, in Paris, France, by Émile Gaboriau

Hannibal Lecter: serial killer in North America, by Thomas Harris

Aimee Leduc: owner of a detective agency specializing in corporate security, in Paris, France, by Cara Black

Martine LeDuc: publicity director for the city of Montréal, Québec, Canada, by Jeannette de Beauvoir

Anna Lee: private investigator in London, England, by Liza Cody

“Aunty” Lee: feisty widow, amateur sleuth, and proprietor of a home-cooking restaurant, in Singapore, by Ovidia Yu

Cooper Lee: Cooper Lee, a newly single office machine repair woman and member of the Sunrise Bible Study Group in Richmond, Virginia, in the Hope Street Church mysteries by Jennifer Stanley

Ava Lee: petite young Chinese-Canadian forensic accountant specializing in tracking large debts, working for “Uncle” based in Hong Kong, by Ian Hamilton

Heaven Lee: trendy restaurant owner-chef in Kansas City, Missouri, by Lou Jane Temple

Reggie (Regina) Lee: PhD art curator for the National Gallery in London, England, by Ruth Brandon

Will Lee: chief aide to a senator in Georgia, later the President of the United States, by Stuart Woods

Quong Lee: elderly Chinatown philosopher, in London, England, by Thomas Burke

Nicolas Le Floch: young policeman from Breton, beginning in 1761 during the reign of Louis XV, in pre-revolutionary Paris, France, by Jean-François Parot

Constance Leidl: psychologist, and Charlie Meiklejohn, an ex-arson investigator private investigator, in New York, by Kate Wilhelm

Samantha Leiffer: preschool teacher in New York City, by Alison Gaylin

Jack Leightner: homicide detective in Brooklyn, New York City, by Gabriel Cohen

Sir Edward Leithen: lawyer in Scotland and Canada, by John Buchan

Hallie Leland: microbiologist and adventurer, combatting biological threats, by James M. Tabor

Charles Lenox: gentleman sleuth, in 1860s London, England. by Charles Finch

Jack Lennon: detective inspector in Belfast, Northern Ireland, by Stuart Neville

Chief Inspector Lennox: detective chief inspector in Yorkshire, England, by John Wainwright

Dorie Lennox: new private investigator in Kansas City, Missouri, by Lise McClendon

Tory Lennox: Coast Guard lieutenant, and Neal Donahoe, a Harbor Patrol officer, in Santa Barbara, California, by Tony Gibbs

James Boswell Hodge Leonard: police inspector in Bath, England, in the Bath Detective series by Christopher Lee

Leonardo da Vinci: the James Bond of the Renaissance, by Robert Ross and Martin Woodhouse

Dan Lenson: US Navy officer rising through the ranks, on duty around the world, by David Poyer

Simon Leonidovich: high-tech, international “package” courier, by Jay MacLarty

Tim LePage: detective inspector, and Anna Weston, a veterinarian, on the island of Guernsey, UK, by Eileen Dewhurst

Lennox: shady private investigator in 1950s Glasgow, Scotland, by Craig Russell

Leric: detective inspector for Scotland Yard in London, England. by Roger Busby

James Lessor and Skip Moore, best friends since grade school, in Florida, by Don Bruns

Sholto Joseph Lestrade: Scotland Yard inspector in 19th century London, England, by M.J. Trow

Capucine LeTellier, a police detective specializing in white-collar crime, and her husband Alexandre, a portly food critic, in Paris, France, in the Capucine Culinary mysteries by Alexander Campion

Catherine LeVendeur: novice and scholar in 12th-century France, by Sharan Newman

Roger Levin: 1970s marijuana dealer and shrewd operator who does for others what they would prefer not to do themselves, by Alan Furst

Ash Levine: former Israeli paratrooper and top detective in the elite LAPD Felony Squad, in Los Angeles, California, by Miles Corwin

Rebecca Levis: medical student, later MD, and Ben Candidi, a free-spirited, nature-loving biomedical scientist, in Florida, Washington, DC, and elsewhere, by Dirk Wyle

Sam Levitt: former corporate lawyer, crime expert, and wine connoisseur, in Los Angeles and France, by Peter Mayle

Rebecca “Bex” Levy: figure skating researcher for the 24/7 network, in the Figure Skating mysteries, by Alina Adams

Wyn Lewis: real estate attorney, on Long Island, New York, by David A. Kaufelt

Janine Lewis: single mother pregnant with her 4th child and the first woman Detective Chief Inspector in Greater Manchester, England, by Cath Staincliffe

Pucci Lewis: US Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) and undercover agent in World War II, by Margit Liesche

Sir Abercrombie (“Filthy”) Lewker: former commando and pompous Shakespearean actor who solves murders while mountaineering, mainly in Wales and the Alps, by Glyn Carr

Gilda Liberty: small-town movie theater proprietor, in Eden, Ohio, by Della Borton (D.B. Borton)

Libertus: mosaicist and an expert in puzzles and patterns, living in the ancient Roman town of Glevum (now Gloucester), England, by Rosemary Rowe

Abe Lieberman: 60-something Jewish police detective in Chicago, Illinois, by Stuart Kaminsky

Max Liebermann: psychoanalytic detective in turn-of-the-20th-century Vienna, Austria, by Frank Tallis

Jack Liffey: private investigator in Los Angeles, California, by John Shannon

Robin Light: pet store owner in Syracuse, New York, by Barbara Block

Katie Lightfoot, a novice witch and professional baker working at her aunt and uncle's bakery, in Savannah, Georgia, in the Magical Bakery mysteries by Bailey Cates (Cricket McRae)

Marie Lightfoot: true crime author, by Nancy Pickard

Harry Lightstone: investigator in the Fish and Wildlife Department, in the USA, by Ken Goddard

Olivia Limoges: restaurant owner returning with Captain Haviland, a black standard poodle, to her old home town, Oyster Bay, North Carolina, by Ellery Adams

Aramus P. Limpkin: professor of history at a college in Georgia, and Dr. Galimatias, a semi-retired physician based in New Orleans, Louisiana, by H.O. Ward

John Abraham Lincoln: Treasury Department agent, in Hong Kong and South Africa, by David Dodge

Gemma Lincoln: private investigator specializing in insurance traces, in Sydney, Australia, by Gabrielle Lord

Ann Lindell and Ola Haver, detectives in the Violent Crime Division, in Uppsala, Sweden, by Kjell Eriksson

Hobart Lindsey: insurance claims adjuster for valuable collectibles, and Marvia Plum, a black homicide detective, in Berkeley, California, by Richard A. Lupoff

Sarah Lindstrom: police detective, and Meg Darcy, a working-class lesbian private investigator, in St. Louis, Missouri, by Jean Marcy

Catherine Ling: shadowy CIA operative raised on the streets of Hong Kong, by Iris Johansen

Malko Linge: SAS — Son Altesse Sérénissime (His Serene Highness) — an Austrian prince and international agent for the CIA, by Gérard de Villiers

Joona Linna: a Finnish detective inspector in Stockholm, Sweden, by Lars Kepler

Nicholas Linnear: half-Asian, half-English crime fighter, by Eric Van Lustbader

Birdie Linnet: ex-cop fitness trainer in London, England, by Gillian Linscott

Dr. Sara Linton: pediatrician and coroner in Grant County, Georgia, by Karin Slaughter

John Lintott: retired Scotland Yard inspector around the turn of the 20th century, in London, Paris, and San Francisco, by Jean Stubbs

Elliott Lisbon: director of the Ballantyne Foundation and amateur sleuth studying for her private investigator license, on Sea Pine Island, South Carolina, by Kendel Lynn

Nikki Liska: wisecracking police detective, and Sam Kovac, her hard-boiled partner, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Tami Hoag

Cassandra Lisle: college student in late-1960s Chicago, Illinois, in the Cook County mysteries by Charlotte Carter

Darina Lisle: caterer-chef and food writer in West Country, England, by Janet Laurence

May List: senior sleuth, on her own after 35 years of marriage, in Washington, by T. Dawn Richard

Bernie Little: private investigator, and his faithful companion Chet the dog, in the Chet and Bernie series by Spencer Quinn (Peter Abrahams)

Thomas Littlejohn: police inspector, later Superintendent, mostly in England, by George Bellairs

DS Dafyd Llewellyn and DCI Joseph Rafferty, assigned to the police station in Elmhurst in Essex, England, by Geraldine Evans

Meredith Llewellyn: headmistress of Bellehaven House, a finishing school in the Cotswolds, and her two cohorts, no-nonsense Felicity Cross and timid ex-socialite Esmerelda Pickard, in Edwardian England, by Rebecca Kent (Kate Kingsbury)

Robin Llewellyn: Welsh private investigator with a fondness for drink, in Bristol, England, and Swansea, Wales, by Robert Lewis

Thomas Llewelyn: Welsh assistant to Cyrus Barker, a Scottish private enquiry agent, in late 19th century London, England, by Will Thomas

Juan Llorca: sergeant in the Civil Guard in Spain, by Delano Ames

Chief Inspector Lloyd and Inspector Judy Hill, cops and lovers in East Anglia, England, by Jill McGown

DS Gomer Lloyd and DCI Merlin Parry, policemen in Cardiff, Wales, by David Williams

Hilary Lloyd: police sergeant, and Douglas Quantrill, a detective chief inspector, in East Anglia, England, by Sheila Radley

Jeremy Locke: attorney in England, by Mary Challis (Sara Woods)

John Locke: ex-SAS counterterrorist operative, now a globetrotting bodyguard, based in Canada by Jack Barnao (Ted Wood)

Emily Locke: 30-something single mother working for private investigator Richard Cole, in Houston, Texas, by Rachel Brady

Pike Logan: head of the Taskforce, a US top-secret elite counter-terrorism unit charged with finding and destroying asymmetric threats, by Brad Taylor

Whitney Logan: 20-something attorney in Los Angeles, California, by Mercedes Lambert

Susan Lombardi: professor at a university in Connecticut, by Carole B. Shmurak

Jacob Lomax: ex-cop turned private investigator in Denver, Colorado, by Michael Allegretto

Lexy Lomax: an accidental private detective, and Kinky, her Chihuahua attack dog, in Clopwolde-on-Sea, on the Suffolk Coast of England, by Kaye C. Hill

Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs, police detectives in Los Angeles, California, by Marshall Karp

Mark Lombardi: police officer, and DI Neville Stewart, and Callie Anson, a newly ordained Anglican cleric, in London, England, by Kate Charles

Joe Lombardo and Barry Gilbert, homicide detectives, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Scott Mackay

Alix London: young art consultant, whose father was a convicted art forger, based in Seattle, Washington, by Aaron & Charlotte Elkins

Jack London: the author in the 1890s (before his famous novels) in San Francisco, California, by Peter King

Kate London: who owns the Egyptian Theatre with her Aunt Kitty, an eccentric former B-grade movie star, on the west coast of Michigan, by Susan Goodwill

Lavina London: 70-something retired radio personality, in New York, by James McCahery

Faye Longchamp: black archaeology student digging up artifacts for the black market on her plantation on North Florida’s Gulf Coas, by Mary Anna Evans

Walt Longmire: veteran sheriff in Absaroka County, Wyoming, by Craig Johnson

Tony Lonto: police detective in the United States, by E. Richard Johnson

David Loogan: mystery magazine editor in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Harry Dolan

Emma Lord: small-town newspaper owner and editor in Alpine, Washington, by Mary Daheim

Victoria Lord: Miami blue blood, and Steve Solomon, a Coconut Beach bum, squabbling law partners in Florida, by Paul Levine

DCI Lorimer and Dr. Soloman Brightman, a psychologist and criminal profiler, in Glasgow, Scotland, by Alex Gray

Graham Lorimer: investigator for the Home Office concerning infringements on British interests overseas, by Ian Stuart

W.W. Loring: Confederate General in 1862 Virginia, by M.E. Cooper

Darcy Lott: movie stuntwoman and Zen practitioner, in northern California, by Susan Dunlap

BeBe Loudermilk: a triple-divorced restaurant owner, and Eloise “Weezie” Foley, recently divorced antique dealer, in Savannah, Georgia, by Mary Kay Andrews (Kathy Hogan Trocheck)

Joe and Dottie Loudermilk: retired black couple traveling in the USA, by Gar Anthony Haywood

Holly Love: a reluctant and accidental private investigator working at Gorgon Office Supplies, in the Blue Mountains of Australia, by Jennifer Rowe

Dr. Jason Love: physician and WWII veteran, on assignment for British Intelligence, by James Leasor

Pharoah Love: gay, black police detective in New York City, by George Baxt

Lovejoy: antiques expert and forger in East Anglia, England, by Jonathan Gash

Clarisse Lovelace (straight) and Dan Valentine (gay), owners of a gay bar in Boston, Massachusetts by Nathan Aldyne

Ambrose Low: ex-criminal, and Colonel Brain, an ex-army officer, in England, by Henry Cecil

Philipa Lowe: amateur sleuth, and Oliver Simpson, a Detective Inspector, in England, by Roger Omerod

Gretchen Lowell: serial killer who tortured and released Archie Sheridan, a police detective, in Portland, Oregon, by Chelsea Cain

Shelly Lowenkopf: Jewish police sergeant, later a private investigator, in the Bronx, New York, by Richard Fliegel

Kiki Lowenstein: newly widowed mother of a young daughter, working in a scrapbooking store, Time in a Bottle, in St. Louis, Missouri, in the Scrap-N-Craft series, by Joanna Campbell Slan

Gideon Lowry: 50-something, piano-playing private detective, in Key West, Florida, by John Leslie 

Ed Loy: Irish private investigator who has been living in Los Angeles, returning home to Dublin, Ireland, by Declan Hughes

John Spencer Lubbock: retired World War II DCI, in Great Britain, by Brian Cooper

Flavia de Luce: an 11-year old sleuth and aspiring chemist in 1950, in the small village of Bishop’s Lacey, England, by Alan Bradley

Zoe Luce: psychic interior decorator in Whispering Springs, Arizona, by Jayne Ann Krentz

Rita Lucero: pastry chef in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the Piece of Cake mysteries by Jacklyn Brady (Sherry Lewis)

Joe Lucchesi: police detective in New York City, by Alex Barclay

Victoria Lucci: risk manager at a hospital in Denver, Colorado, by Suzanne Proulx

Lucio, Ramon, Milos, and Neil meet for lunch and take turns to tell their stories, in the Lunch series by Derek Hansen

Elizabeth Ludowski: detective appointed to the Police Commissioner’s Special Assignment Squad, in Queensland, Australia, by Margaret Bevege

LuEllen: a thief, and Kidd, a computer whiz. in Minneapolis, Minnesot, by John Sandford

Nora Lumley: public defender in Marion County, Indiana, by D.R. Schanker

The Lunghi family: three-generation private eye family in Bath, England, by Michael Z. Lewin

Auguste Lupa: British Secret Service agent with U.S. passport, by John Lescroart

Arsène Lupin: young, handsome, brave, and roguish Prince of Thieves, who sometimes helped the police in Paris, France, by Maurice Leblanc

Lady Lupin (“Loops”) Lorrimer Hastings, the 21-year old ditzy daughter of an earl, in fictional Glanville, eastern Sussex, England, by Joan Coggin

Frank Luther: city editor in New York City, by Edwin Lanham

Inspector Lyle: detective inspector in Yorkshire, England, by John Wainwright

The Honourable Devereux Lyminster, (Blotto) and his sister Twinks, in England in the 1920s, by Simon Brett

Colin Lynch: international espionage agent, by Paul Mann

Jack Lynch: public relations man and problem solver, in New Orleans, Louisiana, by Steven Womack

Thomas Lynley: Scotland Yard inspector and eighth Earl of Asherton, Sergeant Barbara Havers, forensic pathologist Simon Allcourt-St. James, his wife Deborah, and lab assistant Lady Helen Clyde, in London, England, by Elizabeth George

Jason Lynx: antiques dealer and interior decorator, in Denver, Colorado, by A.J. Orde (Sheri S. Tepper)

Brad Lyon: retired San Francisco homicide inspector, and his wife Ashleigh, teddy bear collectors in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, in the Bear Collector’s mysteries by John J. Lamb

Harry Lytle: member of the intelligence service of King Charles II, starting in 1664 in London, England, by Paul Lawrence


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