James Melville
Roy Peter Martin
Tetsuo Otani, the Superintendent of Police in Kobe, Japan:

The Wages of Zen (1979)

The Chrysanthemum Chain (1980)

A Sort of Samurai (1981)

The Ninth Netsuke (1982)

Sayonara, Sweet Amaryllis (1983)

Death of a Daimyo (1984)

The Death Ceremony (1985)

Go Gently, Gaijin (1986)

Kimono for a Corpse (1987)

The Reluctant Ronin (1988)

A Haiku for Hanae (1989)

The Bogus Buddha (1990)

The Body Wore Brocade (1992)

Ben Lazenby, British Council official in England:

Diplomatic Baggage (1995)

The Reluctant Spy (1995)


The Imperial Way (1986)

A Tarnished Phoenix (1990)

Written as Hampton Charles
Miss Emily D. Seeton, a retired art teacher in Kent, England1:

Advantage Miss Seeton (1990)

Miss Seeton at the Helm (1990)

Miss Seeton, by Appointment (1990)

The Complete Seeton Series

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