Sarah J. Mason
Detective Superintendent Trewley and Sergeant Stone, village detective partners in Allshire, England:

Murder in the Maze (1993)

Frozen Stiff (1993)
APA: Deep-Frozen Death (1999)

Corpse in the Kitchen (1994)
APA: Corpse in the Case (1999)

Dying Breath (1994)
APA: Murder from Memory (1999)

Sew Easy To Kill (1996)

Seeing Is Deceiving (1997)


Let’s Talk of Wills (1985)

Death on Her Doorstep (2003)

Written as Hamilton Crane
Miss Emily D. Seeton, a retired art teacher, in Kent, England1:

Miss Seeton Cracks the Case (1991)

Miss Seeton Paints the Town (1991)

Miss Seeton Rocks the Cradle (1992)

Hands Up, Miss Seeton (1992)

Miss Seeton by Moonlight (1992)

Miss Seeton Plants Suspicion (1993)

Miss Seeton Goes To Bat (1993)

Starring Miss Seeton (1994)

Miss Seeton Undercover (1994)

Miss Seeton Rules (1994)

Sold to Miss Seeton (1995)

Sweet Miss Seeton (1996)

Bonjour, Miss Seeton (1997)

Miss Seeton’s Finest Hour (1999)

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