Ronald Tierney
Dietrich “Deets” Shanahan, a 70-something former Army intelligence officer and semi-retired private investigator, in Indianapolis, Indiana:

The Stone Veil (1990)
Finalist 1991 Shamus Award for Best First Novel

The Steel Web (1991)

The Iron Glove (1992)

The Concrete Pillow (1995)

Nickel-Plated Soul (2004)

Platinum Canary (2005)

Glass Chameleon (2006)

Asphalt Moon (2007)

Bloody Palms (2008)

Bullet Beach (2010)

Killing Frost (2015)

Carly Paladino, a private investigator formerly with a large security firm, and Noah Lang, a streetwise PI, in San Francisco, California:

Death in Pacific Heights (2008)

Death in North Beach (2009)

Mascara: Death in the Tenderloin (2011)

Peter Strand, a Chinese-American private investigator, in San Francisco, California:

The Blue Dragon (2015)

The Black Tortoise (2017)


Eclipse of the Heart (1993)

Good to the Last Kiss (2011)

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