Roger Ormerod
David Mallin and sometimes George Coe, private detectives in England:

Time To Kill (1974)

The Silence of the Night (1974)

Full Fury (1975)

A Spoonful of Luger (1975)

Sealed with a Loving Kill (1976)

The Colour of Fear (1976)

A Glimpse of Death (1976)

Too Late for the Funeral (1977)

This Murder Comes to Mind (1977)

A Dip into Murder1 (1978)

The Weight of Evidence (1978)

The Bright Face of Danger (1979)

The Amnesia Trap (1979)

Cart Before the Hearse (1980)

One Deathless Hour (1981)

Richard Patton, a retired Detective Inspector in England:

Face Value (1983)
APA: The Hanging Doll Murder (1984)

Still Life with Pistol (1986)

An Alibi Too Soon (1987)

An Open Window (1988)

Guilt on the Lily (1989)

Death of an Innocent (1989)

No Sign of Life (1990)

When the Old Man Died (1991)

Shame the Devil (1993)

Mask of Innocence (1994)

Stone Cold Dead (1995)

Philipa Lowe, an amateur sleuth, and Oliver Simpson, a Detective Inspector, in England:

Hung in the Balance (1990)

Bury Him Darkly (1991)

A Shot at Nothing (1993)

Landscape with Corpse (1996)


More Dead Than Alive (1980)

Double Take (1980)

Seeing Red (1984)

Dead Ringer (1985)

A Death To Remember (1986)

The Second Jeopardy (1987)

By Death Possessed (1988)

Farewell Gesture (1991)

The Key to the Case (1992)

Third Time Fatal (1992)

And Hope To Die (1995)

The Vital Minute (1996)

Curtain of Beads (1996)

The Seven Razors of Ockam (1997)

The Night She Died (1997)

Parting Shot (1998)

Final Toll (1999)

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