James Leasor
Thomas James Leasor
Dr. Jason Love, a physician and WWII veteran, on assignment for British Intelligence:

Passport to Oblivion (1964)
APA: Where the Spies Are (1965)

Passport to Peril (1966)
APA: Spylight (1966)

Passport in Suspense (1967)
APA: The Yang Meridian (1968)

Passport for a Pilgrim (1968)

A Week of Love, Being Seven Adventures of Jason Love (1969) [SS]

Love-All (1971)

Host of Extras1 (1973)

Love and the Land Beyond (1979)

Frozen Assets: Return of the Intrepid Dr. Love (1989)

Love Down Under (1992)

Unnamed owner of Aristo Autos, based in England:

They Don't Make Them Like That Any More (1969)

Never Had a Spanner on Her (1970)

Dr. Robert Gunn, in the 19th century Far East:

Mandarin Gold (1973)

The Chinese Widow (1975)

Jade Gate (1976)


Follow the Drum (1972)

Open Secret (1982)

Ship of Gold (1984)

Tank of Serpents (1986)


Code Name Nimrod (1981)

Who Killed Sir Harry Oakes? (1983)

Other fiction:

Not Such a Bad Day (1946)

The Strong Delusion (1951)

NTR: Nothing to Report (1955)

Written as Andrew MacAllan
Non-series epic sagas:

Succession (1989)

Generation (1990)

Diamond Hard (1991)

Fanfare (1992)

Speculator (1993)

Traders (1994)

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