Don Bruns
Mick Sever, a rock and roll journalist:

Jamaica Blue (2002)

Barbados Heat (2003)

South Beach Shakedown: The Diary of Gideon Pike (2006)

St. Barts Breakdown (2008)

Bahama Burnout (2009)

Skip Moore and James Lessor, best friends since grade school, in Florida:

Stuff To Die For (2007)
Finalist 2008 Lefty Award

Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (2008)

Stuff to Spy For (2009)

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (2010)

Too Much Stuff (2011)

Hot Stuff (2012)

Reel Stuff (2013)

Quentin Archer, a former Detroit cop, now a homicide detective in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Casting Bones (2016)

Thrill Kill (2017)

No Second Chances (2017)

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