Jaqueline Girdner
Kate Jasper, a vegetarian and gag-gift wholesaler, in Marin County, California:

Adjusted to Death (1990)

The Last Resort (1991)

Murder Most Mellow (1992)

Fat-Free and Fatal (1993)

Tea-Totally Dead (1994)

A Stiff Critique (1995)

Most Likely to Die (1996)

A Cry for Self-Help (1997)

Death Hits the Fan (1998)

Murder on the Astral Plane (1999)

Murder, My Deer (2000)

A Sensitive Kind of Murder1 (2002)

Written as Claire Daniels
Cally Lazar, a recovering lawyer and an alternative healer:

Body of Intuition (2002)

Strangled Intuition (2004)

Cruel and Unusual Intuition (2005)

Final Intuition (2006)

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