Tom Philbin
Joe Lawless, commander of the Felony Squad, and an ensemble cast at Fort Siberia, the Bronx, the toughest precinct in New York City:

Precinct Siberia (1985)

Under Cover (1986)

Cop Killer (1986)

A Matter of Degree (1987)

Jamaica Kill (1989)

Street Killer (1989)

Death Sentence (1990)

The Prosecutor (1991)

Dart Man (1994)


The Yearbook Killer (1981)

The Rookie (1991) [movie tie-in]

Blink (1994) [movie tie-in]

Non-fiction and true crime:

Ninja: Clan of Death1 (1981)

Murder U.S.A. (1992)

CopSpeak: Lingo of Law Enforcement and Crime (1995)

The Funniest Cop Stories Ever (2006)

The Killer Book of True Crime2 (2007)

The Killer Book of Serial Killers (2009)

The Killer Book of Infamous Murders2 (2010)

I, Monster: Serial Killers in Their Own Chilling Words (2010)

The Killer Book of Cold Cases2 (2011)

A Lighter Shade of Blue3 (2011)


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