Martyn Waites
Stephen Larkin, a London tabloid journalist whose wife and baby were murdered, now back in his hometown of Newcastle, England:

Mary’s Prayer (1997)

Little Triggers (1998)

Candleland (2000)

Born Under Punches (2003)

Joe Donovan, a former investigative journalist whose son has disappeared, in Newcastle, England:

The Mercy Seat (2006)
Finalist 2006 Steel Dagger Award

Bone Machine (2007)

White Riot (2008)

Speak No Evil (2009)

Tom Killgannon, an ex–undercover cop in the Witness Protection Program, hiding in the Cornish village of St. Petroc’s:

The Old Religion (2020)

The Sinner (2021)

The Gravedigger’s Song (2022)


The White Room (2004)

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (2014)

Written as Tania Carver, joint pseudonym of Martyn and Linda Waites
Philip Brennan, a detective inspector in the Major Incident Squad, and Marina Esposito, a psychologist, in Colchester, England:

The Surrogate (2009)

The Creeper (2010)

Cage of Bones (2011)

Choked (2012)
APA: The Black Road (2014)

The Doll’s House (2013)

Truth or Dare (2014)

Heartbreaker (2015)

The Lost Girl (2016)

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