Aaron Elkins
Gideon Oliver, anthropology professor in Port Angeles, Washington:

Fellowship of Fear (1982)

The Dark Place (1983)

Murder in the Queen’s Armes (1985)

Old Bones (1987)
1988 Edgar Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 1988 Anthony Award for Best Mystery

Curses! (1989)

Icy Clutches (1990)

Make No Bones (1991)
Finalist 1991 Agatha Award for Best Novel

Dead Men’s Hearts (1994)

Twenty Blue Devils (1997)

Skeleton Dance (2000)

Good Blood (2004)

Where There’s a Will (2005)

Unnatural Selection (2006)

Little Tiny Teeth (2007)

Uneasy Relations (2008)

Skull Duggery (2009)

Dying on the Vine (2012)

Switcheroo (2016)

Chris Norgren, art museum curator in Seattle, Washington:

A Deceptive Clarity (1987)

A Glancing Light (1991)

Old Scores (1993)
1994 Nero Award
Finalist 1993 Agatha Award for Best Novel


Loot (1999)

Turncoat (2002)

The Worst Thing (2011) [review]

A Long Time Coming (2018)

Written with Charlotte Elkins
Lee Ofsted, struggling woman golfer and Graham Sheldon, her cop boyfriend:

Wicked Slice (1989)

Rotten Lies (1995)

Nasty Breaks (1997)

Where Have All the Birdies Gone? (2004)

On the Fringe (2005)

Written with Charlotte Elkins
Alix London, a young art consultant, whose father was a convicted art forger, based in Seattle, Washington:

A Dangerous Talent (2012)

A Cruise To Die For (2013)

The Art Whisperer (2014)

The Trouble with Mirrors (2016)

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