Craig Russell
Jan Fabel, a Scottish-German police detective (Kriminalhauptkommissar), in Hamburg, Germany:

Blood Eagle (2005)

Brother Grimm (2006)
Finalist 2007 Gold Dagger Award

Eternal (2007)

The Carnival Master (2008)

The Valkyrie Song (2009)

A Fear of Dark Water (2011)

The Ghosts of Altona (2015)

Lennox, a shady private investigator in 1950s Glasgow, Scotland::

Lennox (2009)

The Long Glasgow Kiss (2010)

The Deep Dark Sleep (2011)

Dead Men and Broken Hearts (2012)
Finalist 2013 Historical Dagger Award

The Quiet Death of Thomas Quaid (2016)


The Devil Aspect (2019) [review]

The Devil’s Playground (2023)

Written as Christopher Galt:

Biblical (2014)


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