Gar Anthony Haywood
Aaron Gunner, a black private investigator, in Los Angeles, California:

Fear of the Dark (1988)
1989 Shamus Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 1989 Anthony Award for Best First Novel

Not Long for This World (1990)

You Can Die Trying (1993)

It's Not a Pretty Sight (1996)

When Last Seen Alive (1998)

All the Lucky Ones Are Dead (2000)

Good Man Gone Bad (2019)

Joe Loudermilk and Dottie Loudermilk, a retired black couple traveling in the USA:

Going Nowhere Fast (1994)
[Grand Canyon, Arizona]

Bad News Travels Fast (1995)
[Washington, DC]


Man Eater1 (2003) (2014)

Firecracker1 (2004) (2014)

Cemetery Road (2009)
Finalist 2010 Panik Award: Best Los Angeles Noir

Assume Nothing (2011)


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