Henry Cecil
Henry Cecil Leon
Mr. Tewkesbury, in England:

The Painswick Line (1951)

Natural Causes (1953) [includes Brain]

Much in Evidence (1957)
APA: The Long Arm (1957)

Settled out of Court (1959)

Ambrose Low, an ex-criminal, and Colonel Brain, an ex-army officer, in England:

No Bail for the Judge (1952)

According to the Evidence (1954)

Independent Witness (1963) [Brain only]

Roger Thursby, in England:

Brothers in Law (1955)

Friends at Court (1956)

Sober as a Judge (1958)

Full Circle (1948) [SS]

Ways and Means (1952)

Alibi for a Judge (1960)

Daughters in Law (1961)

Unlawful Occasions (1961)

Portrait of a Judge and Other Stories (1964) [SS]

Fathers in Law (1965)
APA: A Child Divided (1965)

The Asking Price (1966)

A Woman Named Anne (1967)

Brief Tales from the Bench (1968) [SS]

No Fear or Favor (1968)
APA: The Blackmailers (1969)

Tell You What I'll Do (1969)

Juror in Waiting (1970)

The Buttercup Spell (1971)

The Wanted Man (1972)

Truth with Her Boots On (1974)

Cross Purposes (1976)

Hunt the Slipper (1977)

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