David Dodge
David Francis Dodge
James “Whit” Whitney, a tax accountant and reluctant sleuth, based in San Francisco, California:

Death and Taxes (1941)

Shear the Black Sheep (1942)

Bullets for the Bridegroom (1944)

It Ain’t Hay (1946)
APA: A Drug on the Market (1949)

Al Colby, a private investigator based in Mexico City, working in Latin America:

The Long Escape (1948)

Plunder of the Sun (1949)

The Red Tassel (1950)

John Abraham Lincoln, a Treasury Department agent, in Hong Kong and South Africa:

Hooligan (1969)
APA: Hatchetman (1970)

Troubleshooter (1971)


To Catch a Thief (1952)

The Lights of Skaro (1954)

Angel’s Ransom (1956)
APA: Ransom of the Angel (1957)

Carambola (1961)
APA: High Corniche (1961)

The Last Match (2006) [written 1973]

Other fiction:

Loo Loo’s legacy (1960)


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