J.B. Stanley
Jennifer B. Stanley
James “Professor Puff” Henry, a divorced librarian, in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, in the Supper Club mysteries:

Carbs and Cadavers (2006)

Fit To Die (2007)

Chili Con Corpses (2008)

Stiffs and Swine (2008)

The Battered Body (2009)

Black Beans & Vice (2010)

Pasta Mortem (2018) [ebook, written as Ellery Adams, with Rosemary Stevens]

Molly Appleby, a writer for Collector's Weekly magazine, in North Carolina and Virginia, in the Collectible mysteries:

A Killer Collection (2006) [revised ebook ed. 2014, as by Ellery Adams]

A Fatal Appraisal (2006) [revised ebook ed. 2015, as by Ellery Adams]

A Deadly Dealer (2007) [revised ebook ed. 2015, as by Ellery Adams with Parker Riggs]

A Treacherous Trader (2015) [ebook, written as Ellery Adams, with Parker Riggs]

A Devious Lot (2016) [ebook, written as Ellery Adams, with Parker Riggs]

A Killer Keepsake (2017) [ebook, written as Ellery Adams, with Parker Riggs]

Written as Jennifer Stanley
Cooper Lee, a newly single office machine repair woman and member of the Sunrise Bible Study Group in Richmond, Virginia, in the Hope Street Church mysteries:

Stirring Up Strife (2009)
APA: The Path of the Crooked1 (ebook revised 2014)

Path of the Wicked (2010)
APA: The Way of the Wicked1 (ebook revised 2014)

The Way of the Guilty (2010)
APA: The Graves of the Guilty1 (ebook revised 2014)

The Root of All Evil (2014) [ebook, written as Ellery Adams, with Elizabeth Lockard]

Fate of the Fallen (2016) [ebook, written as Ellery Adams, with Elizabeth Lockard]

Written as Ellery Adams

Olivia Limoges, a restaurant owner returning with Captain Haviland, a black standard poodle, to her old home town, Oyster Bay, North Carolina, in the Books by the Bay mysteries:

A Killer Plot (2010)

A Deadly Cliche (2011)

The Last Word (2011)

Written in Stone (2012)

Poisoned Prose (2013)

Lethal Letters (2014)

Writing All Wrongs (2015)

Killer Characters (2017)

The Charmed Pie Shoppe mysteries:

Pies and Prejudice (2012)

Peach Pies and Alibis (2013)

Pecan Pies and Homicides (2014)

Lemon Pies and Little White Lies (2015)

Breach of Crust (2016)

Jane Steward, managing Storyton Hall, a retreat in rural western Virginia, in the Book Retreat mysteries:

Murder in the Mystery Suite (2014)

Murder in the Paperback Parlor (2015)

Murder in the Secret Garden (2016)

Murder in the Locked Library (2018)

Murder in the Reading Room (2019)

Nora Pennington, owner of Miracle Books in Miracle Springs, North Carolina, who starts the Secret, Book & Scone Society to help provide support to those in need:

Secret, Book & Scone Society (2017)

The Whispered Word (2018)

The Book of Candlelight (2020)

Ink and Shadows (2021)

Written as Lucy Arlington
[joint pseudonym of Ellery Adams and Sylvia May]

Lila Wilkins, a 45-year-old unemployed journalist working as an intern at a literary agency, in the utopian town of Inspiration Valley, North Carolina, in the Novel Idea mysteries:

Buried in a Book (2012)

Every Trick in the Book (2013)

Books, Cooks, and Crooks (2014)

Played by the Book (2015)

Off the Books (2016)

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