Jim Harrison
James Thomas Harrison
Simon Sunderson, retiring from a career as a state police detective, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan:

The Great Leader (2011)

The Big Seven (2015)

Non-series suspense:

Wolf: A False Memoir (1971)

A Good Day To Die (1973)

The English Major (2008)

Other fiction, some novellas criminous:

Farmer (1976)

Returning to Earth (1977)

Legends of the Fall (1979) [novellas]

Warlock (1981)

Sundog (1984)

Dalva (1988)

The Woman Lit By Fireflies (1990) [novellas]

Julip (1994) [novellas]

The Road Home (1998)

The Boy Who Ran to the Woods (2000)

The Beast God Forgot To Invent (2000) [novellas]

True North (2004)

The Summer He Didn’t Die (2005) [novellas]

Returning to Earth (2006)

The Farmer’s Daughter (2009) [novellas]

The River Swimmer (2013) [two short novels]

Brown Dog (2013) [novellas]

The Ancient Minstrel (2016) [novellas, one with Simon Sunderson]

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