Joel C. Rosenberg
Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy, senior White House advisors:

The Last Jihad (2002)

The Last Days (2003)

The Ezekiel Option (2005)

The Copper Scroll (2006)

Dead Heat (2008)

David Shirazi, a CIA agent assigned to Iran:

The Twelfth Imam (2010)

Tehran Initiative (2011)

Damascus Countdown (2013)

J.B. Collins, a New York Times foreign correspondent:

The Third Target (2015)

The First Hostage (2015)

Without Warning (2017)

Marcus Ryker, a former Secret Agent working undercover for the CIA:

The Kremlin Conspiracy (2018)

The Persian Gamble (2019)

The Jerusalem Assassin (2020)


The Auschwitz Escape (2014)


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