Matt Beynon Rees
Omar Yussef Sirhan, a 50-ish schoolteacher in a Palestinian refugee camp, living in Bethlehem, Palestinian Authority:

The Collaborator of Bethlehem (2007)
APA: The Bethlehem Murders (2007)
2008 New Blood Dagger Award
Finalist 2008 Macavity Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 2008 Barry Award for Best First Novel

A Grave in Gaza (2008) [review]
APA: The Saladin Murders (2008)

The Samaritan’s Secrets (2009)

The Fourth Assassin (2010) [review]

Written as Matt Rees
Dominic Verrazzano, an ICE Special Agent:

The Damascus Threat (2016)

China Strike (2017)
APA: The 7th Threat (2017)

Written as Matt Rees

Mozart’s Last Aria (2011)

A Name in Blood (2012)

The Ambassador (2015)
[written with Yehuda Avner]

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