Deanna Raybourn
Lady Julia Grey, a young widow in 1880s London, England:

Silent in the Grave (2007) [review]
Finalist 2007 Agatha Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 2008 Dilys Award

Silent in the Sanctuary (2008)
Finalist 2009 Dilys Award

Silent on the Moor (2009)

Dark Road to Darjeeling (2010)

The Dark Enquiry (2011)

Series continued as ebook novellas

Silent Night (2014)

Midsummer Night (2014)

Twelfth Night (2014)

Bonfire Night (2014)

A Mysterious Season (2020)

Veronica Speedwell, a young woman seeking adventure in 1880s London, England:

A Curious Beginning (2015)

A Perilous Undertaking (2017)

A Treacherous Curse (2018)
Finalist 2019 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

A Dangerous Collaboration (2019)

A Murderous Relation (2020)

An Unexpected Peril (2021)

An Impossible Imposter (2022)

A Sinister Revenge (2023)


The Dead Travel Fast (2010)

A Spear of Summer Grass (2013)

Night of a Thousand Stars (2014)

Killers of a Certain Age (2022) [review]
Finalist 2023 Barry Award for Best Thriller
Finalist 2023 Macavity Award for Best Mystery

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