Edgar Wallace
Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace
The Four Just Men — Manfred, Gonsalez, Poiccart, & Merrell (who was killed in 1902) — dedicated to punishing those whom the law cannot touch, in England, Europe, and Amerca:

The Four Just Men (1905, revised 1906, 1908)

The Council of Justice (1908)

The Just Men of Cordova (1917)

The Law of the Four Just Men (1921) [SS]
APA: Again the Three (US 1933) [SS]

The Three Just Men (1925)

Again the Three Just Men (UK 1928) [SS]
APA: The Law of the Three Just Men (1931) [SS]
APA: Again the Three (1968) [SS]

Commissioner Sanders, an English official in colonial Africa:

Sanders of the River (1911) [SS]

The People of the River (1912) [SS]

The River of Stars (1913)

Bosambo of the River (1914) [SS]

The Keepers of the King’s Peace (1917) [SS]

Lieutenant Bones (1918) [SS] [includes Bones]

Sandi, the King Maker (1922) [SS]

Bones of the River (1923) [SS] [includes Bones]

Sanders (1926) [SS]
APA: Mr. Commissioner Sanders (1930) [SS]

Again Sanders (1928) [SS]

T.B. Smith, an assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Kate Plus Ten (1917)

The Secret House (1917)

Lieutenant Bones, in colonial Africa:

Bones, Being Further Adventures in Mr. Commissioner Sanders’ Country (1915) [SS]

Lieutenant Bones (1918) [SS] [includes Sanders]

Bones in London (1921) [SS]

Bones of the River (1923) [SS] [includes Sanders]

Elk, a detective sergeant, later inspector, at Scotland Yard, in London, England:

The Nine Bears (1910)
APA: The Other Man (revised ed. 1911)
APA: Silinski, Master Criminal4 (1930)
APA: The Cheaters (1964)

The Fellowship of the Frog2 (1925)

The Joker2 (1926)
APA: The Colossus (1932)

The Twister3 (1928)

The India-Rubber Men3 (1929)

White Face4 (1930)

J.G. Reeder, a small middle-aged detective with an sword-umbrella, working at various times for Scotland Yard, Banker’s Trust, and the public prosecutor, in London, England:

Room 131 (1924)

The Mind of Mr. J.G. Reeder1 (1925) [SS]
APA: The Murder Book of Mr. J.G. Reeder (1929) [SS]

Terror Keep1 (1927)

Red Aces (1929) [SS]

The Guv’nor and Other Stories (1932) [SS]
APA: Mr. Reeder Returns (1932) [SS]
APA: The Guv’nor and Mr. J. G. Reeder Returns (1934) [SS, 2 vols.]

Superintendent Minter (“The Sooper”) of Scotland Yard, in London, England:

Big Foot (1927)

The Lone House Mystery (1929) [SS]

“The Sooper” and Others (1984) [SS]

Angel Esquire (1908)

Captain Tatham of Tatham Island (1909)
APA: The Island of Galloping Gold (revised ed. 1916)
APA: Eve’s Island (1926)

The Duke in the Suburbs (1909)

The Fourth Plague (1913)

Grey Timothy (1913)
APA: Pallard the Punter (1914)

The Admirable Carfew (1914) [SS]

The Man Who Bought London (1915)

The Melody of Death (1915)

The Clue of the Twisted Candle (1916)

A Debt Discharged (1916)

The Tomb of T’sin (1916)

Down Under Donovan (1918)

The Man Who Knew (1919)

The Adventures of Heine (1919) [SS]

The Green Rust (1919)

The Daffodil Mystery (1920)
APA: The Daffodil Murder (1921)

Jack o’ Judgment (1920)

The Book of All Power (1921)

The Angel of Terror (1922)
APA: The Destroying Angel (1959)

Captains of Souls (1922)

The Crimson Circle (1922)

The Flying Fifty-Five (1922)

Mr. Justice Maxwell (1922)

The Valley of Ghosts (1922)

Chick (1923) [SS]

The Clue of the New Pin (1923)

The Green Archer (1923)

The Missing Million (1923)
APA: The Missing Millions (1925)

The Dark Eyes of London (1924)

Double Dan (1924)
APA: Diana of Kara-Kara (1924)

Educated Evans (1924) [SS]

The Face in the Night (1924)

Flat 2 (1924, revised 1927)

The Sinister Man (1924)

The Three Oak Mystery (1924)

Blue Hand (1925)

The Daughters of the Night (1925)

The Gaunt Stranger (1925)
APA: The Ringer (1926)

The Hairy Arm (1925)
APA: The Avenger (1926)

A King by Night (1925)

The Man from Morocco (1925)
APA: The Black (1930)

The Strange Countess (1925)

Barbara on Her Own (1926)

The Black Abbot (1926)

The Day of Uniting (1926)

The Door with Seven Locks (1926)

Good Evans! (1926) [SS]
APA: The Educated Man (1929) [SS]

The Hand of Power (1926)

The Million Dollar Story (1926)

More Educated Evans (1926) [SS]

The Northing Tramp (1926)
APA: The Tramp (1965)

Penelope of the Polyantha (1926)

The Square Emerald (1926)
APA: The Girl from Scotland Yard (1927)

The Terrible People (1926)

We Shall See (1926)
APA: The Gaol Breaker (1929)

The Yellow Snake (1926)

The Brigand (1927) [SS]

The Feathered Serpent (1927)

The Forger (1927)
APA: The Clever One (1928)

The Man Who Was Nobody (1927)

The Mixer (1927) [SS]

The Squeaker (1927)
APA: The Squealer (1928)

The Traitor’s Gate (1927)

Number Six (1927)

The Double (1928)

Elegant Edward (1928) [SS]

The Thief in the Night (1928)

The Flying Squad (1928)

The Gunner (1928)
APA: Gunman’s Bluff (1929)

The Orator (1928) [SS]

Again the Ringer (1929) [SS]
APA: The Ringer Returns (1931) [SS]

The Big Four (1929) [SS]

The Black (1929, revised & augmented 1962) [SS]

Forty-Eight Short Stories (1929) [SS]

The Cat Burglar5 (1929) [SS]

Circumstantial Evidence5 (1929) [SS]

Fighting Snub Reilly5 (1929) [SS]

The Governor of Chi-Foo5 (1929) [SS]

The Little Green Man5 (1929) [SS]

The Prison Breakers5 (1929) [SS]

For Information Received (1929) [SS]

Four Square Jane (1929) [SS]

The Ghost of Down Hill (1929) [SS]

The Golden Hades (1929)

The Green Ribbon (1929)

The Iron Grip (1929) [SS]

The Lady of Little Hell (1929) [SS]

Planetoid 127 and The Sweizer Pump (1929) [SS]

The Reporter (1929) [SS]

The Terror (1929)

The Calendar (1930)

The Clue of the Silver Key (1930)
APA: The Silver Key (1930)

Killer Kay (1930) [SS]

The Lady Called Nita (1930) [SS]

The Lady of Ascot (1930)

Mrs. William Jones and Bill (1930) [SS]

The Stretelli Case and Other Mystery Stories (1930) [SS]

On the Spot (1931)

The Coat of Arms (1931)
APA: The Arranways Mystery (1932)

The Devil Man (1931)
APA: The Life and Death of Charles Peace (1931)

The Man at the Carlton (1931)

Sergeant Sir Peter (1932) [SS]
APA: Sergeant Dunn, C.I.D. (1962) [SS]

The Steward (1932) [SS]

The Frightened Lady (1933)
APA: The Mystery of the Frightened Lady (1933)

When the Gangs Came to London (1932)

The Green Pack (1933) [written with Robert Curtis]

The Last Adventure (1934) [SS]

The Man Who Changed His Name (1934) [written with Robert Curtis]

Nig-Nog and Other Humorous Stories (1934) [SS]

Fighting Snub Reilly and Other Stories (1934) [SS]
APA: Circumstantial Evidenceand Other Stories (1934) [SS]

The Woman from the East (1934) [SS]

The Mouthpiece (1936)[written with Robert Curtis]

The Edgar Wallace Reader (1943) [SS]

The Undisclosed Client (1963) [SS]

The Man Who Married His Cook and Other Stories (1976) [SS]

The Death Room (1986) [SS]

The Road to London (1986)

Winning Colours: The Racing Writings of Edgar Wallace (1991) [SS]


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