Ron Faust
Dan Shaw, a former military policeman, now a cop going to night law school and studying for the bar exam, in the Florida Keys:

Dead Men Rise Up Never (2004)
Finalist 2005 Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original

Sea of Bones (2004)

The Blood Red Sea (2005)

Tombs of Blue Ice (1974)
APA: Snowkill (1981?)

The Wolf in the Clouds (1977)

The Burning Sky (1978)
APA: The Killing Game (1981)

The Long Count (1979)

Death Fires (1980)

Nowhere To Run (1981)

In the Forest of the Night (1993)

When She Was Bad (1994)

Fugitive Moon (1995)

Lord of the Dark Lake (1996)

Split Image (1997)

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