Laurence Payne
Sam Birkett, an amusing detective inspector at Scotland Yard, and his assistant, Sergeant Saunders, in London, England:

The Nose On My Face (1961)
APA: The First Body (1964)

Two Small for His Shoes (1962)

Deep and Crisp and Even (1964)

John Tibbett, a petty thief turned reluctant spy and hero, in London, England:

Spy for Sale (1969)

Even My Foot’s Asleep (1971)

Mark Savage, a former stunt man and movie star turned private investigator after a car crash, based in London, England:

Take the Money and Run1 (1982)

Malice in Camera (1983)

Vienna Blood (1984)

Dead for a Ducat1 (1985)

Late Knight (1987)
APA: Knight Fall (1987)


Birds in the Belfry (1966)


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