Dana Stabenow
Kate Shugak, a native Alaskan ex-DA investigator, who lives on a 160-acre homestead in a generic national Park in Alaska with her half-wolf, half-husky dog named Mutt:

A Cold Day for Murder (1992)
1993 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

A Fatal Thaw (1993)

Dead in the Water (1993)

A Cold-Blooded Business (1994)

Play with Fire (1995)

Blood Will Tell (1996)

Breakup (1998)

Killing Grounds (1998)

Hunter’s Moon (1999)

Midnight Come Again (2000)

The Singing of the Dead (2001)

A Fine and Bitter Snow (2002)

A Grave Denied (2003)

A Taint in the Blood (2004)

A Deeper Sleep (2007)

Whisper to the Blood (2009)

A Night too Dark (2010)

Though Not Dead (2011)
2012 Nero Award

Restless in the Grave1 (2012)

Bad Blood (2013)

Less than a Treason (2017)

No Fixed Line (2020)

Liam Campbell, Alaskan State Trooper in Newenham, Alaska:

Fire and Ice (1998)

So Sure of Death (1999)

Nothing Gold Can Stay (2000)

Better To Rest (2002)

Restless in the Grave2 (2012)

Spoils of the Dead2 (2021)

The Coast Guard series, with some recurring characters:

Blindfold Game (2006)

Prepared for Rage (2008)

Wu Johanna, the 16-year-old granddaughter of Marco Polo, along the Silk Road in the 14th century, in the Silk and Song trilogy:

Everything Under the Heavens (2014)

By the Shores of the Middle Sea (2014) [ebook]

Science fiction, Star Svensdotter series:

Second Star (1991)

A Handful of Stars (1994)

Red Planet Run (1995)

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