Robert Irvine
Robert Ralstone Irvine
Bob Christopher, a television reporter in Los Angeles, California:

Jump Cut (1974)
Finalist 1975 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Freeze Frame (1976)
Finalist 1977 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Horizontal Hold (1978)

Ratings are Murder (1985)

Moroni Traveler, a non-Mormon ex-football player and private eye in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Baptism for the Dead (1988)

The Angels’ Share (1989)

Gone to Glory (1990)

Called Home (1991)

The Spoken Word (1992)

The Great Reminder (1993)

Hosanna Shout (1994)

Pillar of Fire (1995)


Barking Dogs (1994)

The Face out Front (1977)

Other fiction:

The Devil’s Breath (1982)

Footsteps (1982)

Revelation (1984)

Written as Val Davis with his wife, Angie
Nicolette Scott, an archaeologist in the southwestern USA:

Track of the Scorpion (1996)

Flight of the Serpent (1998)

The Return of the Spanish Lady (2001)

Wake of the Hornet (2000)

Thread of the Spider (2002)

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