R.G. Belsky
Richard G. Belsky
Lucy Shannon, a newspaper reporter, in New York City:

Murder Is for Keeps (1988)

Loverboy (1997)

Jenny McKay, a 40-something reporter at the lowest rated TV station in New York City:

South Street Confidential (1989)
APA: Broadcast Clues (1993)

Live from New York (1993)

The Mourning Show (1994)

Summertime News (1995)

Gil Malloy, a New York Daily News reporter:

The Kennedy Connection (2014)

Shooting for the Stars (2015)

Blonde Ice (2016)

Clare Carlson, a New York City TV news director:

Yesterday’s News (2018)

Below the Fold (2019)

The Last Scoop (2020)

Beyond the Headlines (2021)

It’s News to Me (2022)

Broadcast Blues (2024)


Playing Dead (1999)


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