Jack Bickham
Charity Ross, a widowed frontier ranch owner in 1890s Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The War on Charity Ross (1957)

Target: Charity Ross (1968)

Brad Smith, a championship tennis player and part-time CIA agent, in the United States:

Tiebreaker (1989)

Dropshot (1990)

Overhead (1991)

Breakfast at Wimbledon (1991)

Double Fault (1993)

The Davis Cup Conspiracy (1994)

Written as John Miles
Johnelle “Johnny” Baker, a blonde former actress made sheriff as a publicity stunt in Tenoclock, Colorado:

Missing at Tenoclock (1994)

Tenoclock Scholar (1995)

Written as John Miles
Laura Michaels, a retirement center social worker in Timberlake, Oklahoma:

Permanent Retirement (1993)

Murder in Retirement (1994)

Most Deadly Retirement (1995)

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