Faith Martin
Jacquie Walton
Hillary Greene, a detective inspector with the Thames Valley Police, in Oxfordshire, England:

A Narrow Escape (2004)

On the Straight and Narrow (2005)

Narrow Is the Way (2006)

By a Narrow Majority (2006)

Through a Narrow Door (2007)

With a Narrow Blade (2007)

Beside a Narrow Stream (2008)

Down a Narrow Path (2008)

Across the Narrow Blue Line (2009)

A Narrow Point of View (2010)

A Narrow Exit (2011)

A Narrow Return (2012)

A Narrow Margin of Error (2013)

Walk a Narrow Mile (2013)

A Narrow Victory (2015)

The Work of a Narrow Mind (2015)

A Narrow Trajectory (2016)

Written as Joyce Cato
Jenny Starling, a traveling cook and caterer in England:

Birthdays Can Be Murder (2010)

A Fatal Fall of Snow (2012)

Dying for a Cruise (2012)

The Invisible Murder (2012)

Deadly Stuff (2014)

Just Not Cricket (2016)

Written as Joyce Cato
Monica Noble, a vicar’s wife in the Cotswold village of Heyford Bassett, England:

An Unholy Mess (2015)

An Unholy Whiff of Death (2015)

An Unholy Shame (2016)

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