Isidore Haiblum
Tom Dunjer in the future:

Interworld (1977)

Outerworld (1979)

Specterworld (1991)

Crystalworld (1992)

Sisco and Block in the future:

The Identity Plunderers (1985)

The Hand of Ganz (1985)

James Shaw, a Jewish private investigator in New York City:

Murder in Yiddish (1988)

Bad Neighbors (1990)

Morris Weiss, a “Yiddish detective” at Weiss and Weiss, in 1950s New York City:

New York Confidential (2005)

Murder in Gotham (2008)

Non-series futuristic:

Transfer to Yesterday (1973)

Nightmare Express (1979)

The Mutants Are Coming (1984)

Out of Sync (1990)

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