Les Roberts
Saxon, an actor and private eye in Los Angeles, California:

An Infinite Number of Monkeys (1987)
Finalist 1988 Anthony Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 1987 New Blood Dagger Award
Finalist 1988 Shamus Award for Best First Novel

Not Enough Horses (1988)

A Carrot for the Donkey (1989)

Snake Oil (1990)

Seeing the Elephant (1992)

The Lemon Chicken Jones (1994)

Milan Jacovich, a blue-collar Slovenian private eye with a master’s degree in Cleveland, Ohio:

Pepper Pike (1988)
Finalist 1989 Anthony Award for Best Mystery

Full Cleveland (1989)

Deep Shaker (1991)

The Cleveland Connection (1993)

The Lake Effect (1994)
Finalist 1995 Shamus Award for Best Novel

The Duke of Cleveland (1995)

Collision Bend (1996)

The Cleveland Local (1997)

A Shoot in Cleveland (1998)

The Best-Kept Secret (1999)

The Indian Sign (2000)

The Dutch (2001)

The Irish Sports Pages (2002)

King of the Holly Hop (2008)

The Cleveland Creep (2011)

Whiskey Island (2012)

Win, Place, or Die1 (2013)

The Ashtabula Hat Trick (2015)

Speaking of Murder1 (2016)


The Chinese Fire Drill (2001)

The Scent of Spiced Orange (2002) [SS]

The Strange Death of Father Candy (2011)

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