Julian Rathbone
Colonel Nur Bey, a policeman in Turkey:

Diamonds Bid (1966)

Hand Out (1968)

Trip Trap (1972)

Jan Argand, a police commissioner in Brabt, a fictional European country:

The Euro-Killers (1979)

Base Case (1981)

Watching the Detectives (1983)

Renata Fechter, head of a squad of eco-cops in Germany:

Accidents Will Happen (1995)

The Brandenburg Concerto (1998)

Chris Shovelin, a down-at-the-heals 50-something British private investigator, in California and Kenya:

Homage (2001)

As Bad as It Gets (2003)


With My Knives I Know I’m Good (1969)

Kill Cure (1975)

Bloody Marvelous (1975)

Carnival! (1976)

A Raving Monarchist (1977)

A Spy of the Old School (1982)

Lying in State (1975)

Zdt (1986)
APA: Greenfinger (1987)

The Crystal Contract (1988)

The Pandora Option (1990)

Dangerous Games (1991)

Sand Blind (1993)

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