Stanton Forbes
Deloris Florine Stanton Forbes

Grieve for the Past (1963)
Finalist 1964 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Terrors of the Earth (1964)
APA: The Long Hate (1966)
APA: Melody of Terror (1967)

Relative to Death (1965)

Terror Touches Me (1966)

A Business of Bodies (1966)

Encounter Darkness (1967)

If Two of Them Are Dead (1968)

Go to Thy Death Bed (1968)

The Name’s Death, Remember Me? (1969)

She Was Only the Sheriff’s Daughter (1970)

If Laurel Shot Hardy the World Would End (1970)
APA: Murder Runs Riot (1971)

The Sad, Sudden Death of My Fair Lady (1971)

All for One and One for Death (1971)

A Deadly Kind of Lonely (1971)

But I Wouldn’t Want To Die There (1972)

Welcome, My Dear, to Belfry House (1973)

Some Poisoned by Their Wives (1974)

Bury Me in Gold Lamé (1974)

Buried in So Sweet a Place (1977)

The Will and Last Testament of Constance Cobble (1980)

Don’t Die on Me, Billie Jean (1987)

One Man Died on Base1 (2001)

When the Hearse Goes By1 (2002)

The Perils of Marie Louise1 (2003)

Written as Forbes Rydell, joint pseudonym with Helen B. Rydell:

Annalisa (1959)

If She Should Die (1961)

They’re Not Home Yet2 (1962)

No Questions Asked (1963)

Written as Tobias Wells
Knute Severson, a police detective in Boston, Massachusetts:

A Matter of Love and Death (1966)

Dead by the Light of the Moon (1967)

What Should You Know of Dying? (1967)

Murder Most Fouled Up (1968)

Die Quickly, Dear Mother (1969)

The Young Can Die Protesting (1969)

Dinky Died (1970)

The Foo Dog (1971)
APA: The Lotus Affair (1973)

What To Do Until the Undertaker Comes (1971)

A Die in the Country (1972)

How To Kill a Man (1972)

Brenda’s Murder (1973)

Have Mercy Upon Us (1974)

Hark, Hark, the Watchdogs Bark (1975)

A Creature Was Stirring (1977)

Of Graves, Worms and Epitaphs (1988)

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