Miles Tripp
John Samson, a private investigator in London, England:

Obsession (1973)

A Woman in Bed1 (1976)

The Once a Year Man (1977)

The Wife-Smuggler (1978)

Cruel Victim (1979)

High Heels (1980)

One Lover Too Many (1983)

Some Predators Are Male (1985)

Death of a Man-Tamer (1987)

The Frightened Wife (1987)

The Cords of Vanity (1989)

Video Vengeance (1990)

Samson and the Greek Delilah (1995)

The Suitcase Killings (1997)

Deadly Ordeal (1999)


The Image of Man (1955)

A Glass of Red Wine (1960)

Kilo Forty (1963)

A Quartet of Three (1965)

The Chicken (1966)
APA: The Chicken, with Zilla (1968) [combo]

One Is One (1968)
Finalist 1968 Gold Dagger Award

Malice and the Maternal Instinct (1969)

A Man Without Friends (1970)

Five Minutes with a Stranger (1971)

The Claws of God (1972)

Woman at Risk (1974)

Going Solo (1981)

A Charmed Death (1984)

The Dimensions of Deceit (1993)

A Woman of Conscience (1994)

Extreme Provocation (1995)

Written as John Michael Brett
Hugo Baron, a barrister turned espionage agent working for a British organization called DIECAST (Destruction of International Espionage and Counter Activities for Stability):

Diecast (1963)
[originally written as Michael Brett]

A Plague of Dragons (1965)

A Cargo of Spent Evil (1966)

Other fiction:

Faith Is a Windsock (1952)

The Skin Dealer (1964)

The Fifth Point of the Compass (1967)

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