Daniel da Cruz
Daniel da Cruz, Jr.
Jock Sargeant, an ex-con framed for murder and a mysterious billionaire out for revenge:

Double Kill (1972)

Deep Kill (1974)

Sky Kill (1974)

Fire Kill (1976)

A.P. “Ape” Swain, a free-lance international agent mostly in the Middle East:

The Landfall Finesse (1975)

The Pipe Dream Finesse (1975)

The Captive City (1976)
Finalist 1977 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Republic of Texas versus the Soviet Union, future history Cold War thrillers:

The Ayes of Texas (1982)

Texas on the Rocks (1986)

Texas Triumphant (1987)

Non-series futuristic thrillers:

Vulcan’s Hammer (1967)

The Grotto of the Formigans (1980)

F-Cubed (1987)

Mixed Doubles (1989)

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