Leslie Charteris
Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin
Simon “The Saint” Templar, an international thief, millionaire, and master of disguise:

Meet the Tiger (1928)
APA: Crooked Gold (1929)
APA: The Saint Meets the Tiger (1940)

The Last Hero (1930)
APA: The Saint Closes the Case (1941)
APA: The Saint and the Last Hero (1953)

Enter the Saint (1930) [three novellas]

Knight Templar (1930)
APA: The Avenging Saint (1931)

Featuring the Saint (1931) [two or three novellas, depending on edition]

Alias the Saint (1931) [two or three novellas, depending on edition]

Wanted for Murder (1931)
[combines prior two titles, depending on edition]
APA: The Saint—Wanted for Murder (1943)

She Was a Lady (1931)
APA: Angels of Doom (1932)
APA: The Saint Meets His Match (1941)

The Holy Terror (1932) [three novellas]
APA: The Saint Versus Scotland Yard (1932)

Getaway (1932)
APA: The Saint’s Getaway (1933)

Once More the Saint (1933) [three novellas]
APA: The Saint and Mr. Teal (1933)

The Brighter Buccaneer (1933) [SS]
APA: The Saint: The Brighter Buccaneer (1957)

The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal (1934) [three novellas]
APA: The Saint in London (1941)

Boodle (1934) [SS]
APA: The Saint Intervenes (1934)

The Saint Goes On (1934) [three novellas]

The Saint in New York (1935)

The Saint Overboard (1936)
APA: The Pirate Saint (1941)

The Ace of Knaves1 (1937) [three novellas]
APA: The Saint in Action (1938)
APA: The Saint: Ace of Knaves (1955)

Thieves’ Picnic (1937)
APA: The Saint Bids Diamonds (1942)
APA: The Saint at a Thieves’ Picnic (1951)

Prelude for War (1938)
APA: The Saint Plays with Fire (1942)

Follow the Saint (1938) [three novellas]

The Happy Highwayman1 (1939) [SS]
APA: The Saint: The Happy Highwayman (1955)

The First Saint Omnibus (1939)
[collection with commentary]
APA: Arrest the Saint! (1951)

The Saint in Miami (1940)

The Saint Goes West (1942) [three novellas]

The Saint Steps In (1943)

The Saint at Large (1943) [SS] [collection]

The Saint on Guard (1944) [two novellas]
APA: The Saint and the Sizzling Saboteur (1956) [reprint of one novella]

The Saint Sees It Through (1946)

Call for the Saint (1948) [two novellas]

Saint Errant (1948) [SS]

The Saint in Europe (1953) [SS]

The Saint on the Spanish Main (1955) [SS]

The Saint around the World (1956) [SS]

Thanks to the Saint (1957) [SS]

Concerning the Saint (1958) [SS]

Se–or Saint (1958) [SS]

The Saint Cleans Up (1959) [SS]

The Saint to the Rescue (1959) [SS]

Trust the Saint (1962) [SS]

The Saint in the Sun (1963) [SS]

Vendetta for the Saint (1964)
[ghosted by Harry Harrison]

The Saint on TV (1968)

The Saint Returns (1968)

The Saint and the Fiction Makers (1968)

The Saint Abroad2 (1969)

The Saint in Pursuit (1970)
[novelization of comic strip]

The Saint and the People Importers2 (1971)

The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace3 (1975)

Catch the Saint2 (1975)

Send for the Saint4 (1977)

The Saint in Trouble5 (1978)

The Saint and the Templar Treasure5 (1978)

Count on the Saint (1980)

The Fantastic Saint6 (1982) [SS]

Salvage for the Saint3 (1983)

The Best of The Saint: Vol. 1 (2008)

The Best of The Saint: Vol. 2 (2008)


X Esquire (1927)

The White Rider (1928)

Daredevil (1929)

The Bandit (1929)

Lady on a Train (1945) [film novelization]

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