Donald Thomas
Donald Serrell Thomas
Alfred Swain, a detective inspector at Scotland Yard in late 19th century England:

Mad Hatter Summer (1983)
APA: Belladonna: A Lewis Carroll Nightmare (1984)

The Ripper’s Apprentice (1986)

Jekyll, Alias Hyde (1988)

The Arrest of Scotland Yard (1993)

Sonny Tarrant, a gangster in 1930s-1940s London, England:

Dancing in the Dark (1992)

Red Flowers for Lady Blue (2000) [prequel]

Sherlock Holmes:

The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes (1997) [SS]

Sherlock Holmes and Running Noose (2001) [SS]

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice From the Crypt: And Other Tales (2002) [SS]

The Execution of Sherlock Holmes and Other New Adventures of the Great Detective (2007) [SS]

Sherlock Holmes and the King’s Evil (2009)

Sherlock Holmes and the Ghosts of Bly: And Other New Adventures of the Great Detective (2010) [SS]

Death on a Pale Horse: Sherlock Holmes on Her Majesty’s Secret Service (2013)


The Blindfold Game (1981)
APA: Captain Wunder (1981)

The Day the Sun Rose Twice (1985)

The Raising of Lizzie Meek (1993)

Non-fiction, true crime:

Honour Among Thieves (1991)

Dead Giveaway: Murder Avenged from the Grave (1993)

The Victorian Underworld (1998)

An Underworld at War: Spivs, Deserters, Racketeers and Civilians in the Second World War (2003)
APA: The Enemy Within: Hucksters, Racketeers, Deserters & Civilians During the Second World War (2004)

Villains’ Paradise: A History of Britain’s Post-War Underworld (2006)

Written as Francis Selwyn
William Verity, a detective sergeant mostly in mid-19th century London, England:

Cracksman on Velvet (1974)
APA: Sergeant Verity and the Cracksman (1974)

Sergeant Verity and the Imperial Diamond (1975)

Sergeant Verity Presents His Compliments (1977)

Sergeant Verity and the Blood Royal (1979)

Sergeant Verity and the Swell Mob (1980)

The Hangman’s Child (2000)

Written as Francis Selwyn
Non-fiction, true crime:

Hitler’s Englishman: The Crime of Lord Haw-Haw (1987)

Rotten to the Core: The Life and Death of Neville Heath (1988)

Gangland: The Case of Bentley and Craig (1988)

Nothing but Revenge (1991)

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