Terry Harknett
Steve Wayne, a private eye in England and elsewhere:

The Benevolent Blackmailer (1962)

The Scratch on the Surface (1962)

Invitation to a Funeral (1963)

Dead Little Rich Girl (1963)

The Evil Money (1964)

The Man Who Did Not Die (1964)

Death of an Aunt (1967)

The Two-Way Frame (1967)

The Softcover Kill (1971)

The Upmarket Affair (1973)

John Crown, a chief superintendent of police, in Macao and China:

Crown: The Sweet and Sour Kill (1974)

Crown: Macao Mayhem (1974)

Crown: Bamboo Shoot-Out (1975)

Written as Thomas H. Stone
Chester Fortune, a man of violence in a violent world:

Dead Set (1972)

One Horse Race (1972)

Stopover for Murder (1973)

Black Death (1973)

Written as Joseph Hedges
John Stark, a one-man murder machine hell-bent for revenge, in the Revenger series:

Funeral Rites (1973)

Arms for Oblivion (1973)

The Chinese Coffin (1974)

The Gold-Plated Hearse (1974)

Rainbow-Coloured Shroud (1974)

Corpse on Ice (1975)

The Mile-Deep Grave (1975)

Mexican Mourning (1975)

The Stainless Steel Wreath (1975)

The Chauffeur-Driven Pyre (1976)

The Gates of Death (1976)

Angel of Destruction (1977)


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