Michael Collins
Dennis Lynds
Dan Fortune, a one-armed Polish-Lithuanian private investigator in New York City:

Act of Fear (1967)
1968 Edgar Award for Best First Novel

The Brass Rainbow (1969)

Night of the Toads (1970)

Walk a Black Wind (1971)

Shadow of a Tiger (1972)

The Silent Scream (1973)

Blue Death (1975)

The Blood-Red Dream (1976)

The Nightrunners (1978)

The Slasher (1980)

Freak (1983)

Minnesota Strip (1987)

Red Rosa (1988)

Castrato (1989)

Chasing Eights (1990)

The Irishman’s Horse (1991)

Cassandra in Red (1992)
Finalist 1993 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Crime, Punishment and Resurrection (1992)

Fortune's World (2000)
AKA: Fortune’s Fortune [working title]


Mask of Silence (1967)

Woman in Marble (1973)

The Cadillac Cowboy (1995)

Spies and Thieves, Cops and Killers, Etc: Stories (2002) [SS]

Charlie Chan in the Temple of the Golden Horde (2003)
[Charlie Chan created by Earl Derr Biggers)

Written as Dennis Lynds (his real name):

Charlie Chan Returns (1974) [novelization of television play]

S.W.A.T. - Crossfire (1975) [novelization of television play]

Written as William Arden
Kane Jackson, an industrial espionage expert and detective:

A Dark Power (1968)

Deal in Violence (1969)

The Goliath Scheme (1971)

Die to a Distant Drum (1972)
APA: Murder Underground (1974)

Deadly Legacy (1973)

Written as Nick Carter
Nick Carter, a sexually active, gun-slinging secret agent:

The N3 Conspiracy (1974)

The Green Wolf Connection (1976)

Triple Cross (1976)

Written as John Crowe
Fictional Buena Costa County, California:

Another Way to Die (1972)

A Touch of Darkness (1972)

Bloodwater (1974)

Crooked Shadows (1975)

When They Kill Your Wife (1977)

Close to Death (1979)

Written as Carl Dekker

Woman in Marble (1973)

Written as Maxwell Grant
“The Shadow”, a private investigator in the USA:

The Shadow Strikes (1964)

Shadow Beware (1965)

Cry Shadow (1965)

The Shadow's Revenge (1965)

Mark of the Shadow (1966)

Shadow Go Mad (1966)

The Night of the Shadow (1966)

Destination Moon (1967)

Written as Mark Sadler
Paul Shaw, a private investigator, and partner in Thayer, Shaw, and Delaney, in New York City and Los Angeles, California:

The Falling Man (1970)

Here to Die (1971)

Mirror Image (1972)

Circle of Fire (1973)

Touch of Death (1981)

Deadly Innocents (1986)

Written as Mark Sadler
Mack Bolan:

The Moving Target (1989)

Blood Fever (1989)

Written as Mark Sadler, with Gayle Stone (pseudonym of Gayle Lynds):

A Common Enemy (1989)


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