David Alexander
Bart Hardin, a tough Broadway editor, and Lt. Romano, in New York City:

Terror on Broadway (1954)

Paint the Town Black (1954)

Shoot a Sitting Duck (1955)

The Murder of Whistler’s Brother (1956)

Die, Little Goose (1956)

The Death of Humpty-Dumpty (1957)

Hush-a-Bye Murder (1957)

Dead, Man, Dead (1959)

Tommy Twotoes, Terry Rooke, and Lieutenant Romano in New York City:

Murder in Black and White (1951)

Most Men Don’t Kill (1951)
APA: The Corpse in My Bed (1954)

Murder Points a Finger (1953)

Marty Land:

The Death of Daddy-O (1960)

Bloodstain (1961)

Non-series books:

The Madhouse in Washington Square (1958)
Finalist 1959 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Pennies from Hell (1960)

Hangman’s Dozen (1961) [SS]

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