Margery Allingham
Albert Campion, a suave sleuth with noble blood, and his assistant Magersfontein Lugg, in London, England:

The Crime at Black Dudley (1929)
APA: The Black Dudley Murder (1930)

Mystery Mile (1930)

The Gyrth Chalice Mystery (1931)
APA: Look to the Lady (1931)

Police at the Funeral (1931)

Sweet Danger (1933)
APA: Kingdom of Death (1933)
APA: The Fear Sign (1933)

Death of a Ghost (1934)

Flowers for the Judge (1936)
APA: Legacy in Blood (1949)

Dancers in Mourning (1937)
APA: Who Killed Chloe? (1943)

The Case of the Late Pig (1937)

Mr. Campion, Criminologist (1937) [SS] [includes The Case of the Late Pig]

The Fashion in Shrouds (1938)

Mr. Campion and Others (1939) [SS] [expanded edition (1950)]

Traitor’s Purse (1941)
APA: The Sabotage Murder Mystery (1943)

Pearls Before Swine (1945)
APA: Coroner’s Pidgin (1945)

The Case Book of Mr. Campion (1947) [SS]

More Work for the Undertaker (1948)

The Tiger in the Smoke (1952)

The Estate of the Beckoning Lady (1955)
APA: The Beckoning Lady (1955)

Tether’s End (1958)
APA: Hide My Eyes (1958)
APA: Ten Were Missing (1959)
Finalist 1958 Crossed Red Herrings Award

Crime and Mr. Campion (1959) [SS] [contains Death of a Ghost, Flowers for the Judge, and Dancers in Mourning]

Three Cases for Mr. Campion (1961) [SS]

The China Governess (1962)

The Mysterious Mr. Campion (1963) [omnibus]

The Mind Readers (1965)

Mr. Campion’s Lady (1965) [omnibus]

Mr. Campion’s Clowns (1966) [anthology]

Cargo of Eagles1 (1967)
Finalist 1968 Gold Dagger Award

Mr. Campion’s Farthing2 (1969)

Mr. Campion’s Falcon 2(1970)
APA: Mr. Campion’s Quarry (1991)

The Return of Mr. Campion: Uncollected Stories (1990) [SS]


The White Cottage Mystery (1928)

Black Plumes (1940)

Wanted: Someone Innocent (1946)

Deadly Duo (1949) [contains Wanted: Someone Innocent; Last Act]
APA: Take Two at Bedtime (1950)

No Love Lost: Two Stories of Suspense (1954)

The Allingham Case-Book (1969)

The Allingham Minibus (1973)

The Margery Allingham Omnibus (1982)

The Darings of the Red Rose (1995)

Written as Maxwell March:

The Man of Dangerous Secrets (1933)
APA: Other Man’s Danger (1933)

Rogues’ Holiday (1935)

The Shadow in the House (1936)

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