Beth Amos
Non-series books of suspense:

Cold White Fury (1996)

Eyes of Night (1997)

Second Sight (1998)

Nick of Time (2013) [ebook]

The Face of Death (2013) [ebook]

Written as Annelise Ryan
Mattie Winston, a nurse turned deputy coroner, in the fictional small town of Sorenson, Wisconsin:

Working Stiff1 (2009)

Scared Stiff (2010)

Frozen Stiff (2011)

Lucky Stiff (2013)

Board Stiff (2014)

Stiff Penalty (2015)

Stiff Competition (2016)

Dead in the Water (2017)

Dead Calm (2018)

Dead of Winter (2019)

Dead Ringer (2020)

Written as Annelise Ryan
Morgan Carter, owner of the Odds and Ends bookstore in Door County, Wisconsin, whose hobby is hunting cryptids — creatures whose existence is rumored, but never proven to be real — in the Monster Hunter mysteries:

A Death in Door Country (2022)

Death in the Dark Woods (2023)

Written as Allyson K. Abbott
Mackenzie “Mack” Dalton, the owner of a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with Synesthesia, a neurological condition enabling her to smell noises or taste color, in the Mack’s Bar Mysteries:

Murder on the Rocks (2013)

Murder with a Twist (2014)

In the Drink (2015)

Shots in the Dark (2016)

A Toast to Murder (2017)

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