Charlotte Armstrong
MacDougal Duff, a retired history professor in New York City:

Lay On, Mac Duff! (1942)

The Case of the Weird Sisters (1943)

The Innocent Flower (1945)
APA: Death Filled the Glass (1945)


The Unsuspected (1946)

The Chocolate Cobweb (1948) [review]

Mischief (1950)

The Black-Eyed Stranger (1951)

Catch-As-Catch-Can (1952)
APA: Walk Out on Death (1954)

The Trouble in Thor1 (1953)
APA: And Sometimes Death (1955)

The Better To Eat You (1954)
APA: Murder’s Nest (1955)

The Dream Walker (1955)
APA: Alibi for Murder

A Dram of Poison (1956)
1957 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Albatross (1957) [SS]

Duo (1959) [2 novelettes: The Girl with a Secret, Incident at a Corner]

The Seventeen Widows of San Souci (1959)

Something Blue (1962)

Then Came Two Women (1962)

A Little Less Than Kind (1963)

The Mark of the Hand (1963)

The One-Faced Girl (1963)

Who’s Been Sitting in My Chair? (1963)

The Witch’s House (1963)

The Turret Room (1965)

Dream of Fair Woman (1966)

I See You [SS] (1966)

The Gift Shop (1967)
Finalist 1968 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Lemon in the Basket (1967)
Finalist 1968 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Balloon Man (1968)

Seven Seats to the Moon (1969)

The Protege (1970)

The Charlotte Armstrong Reader2 (1970)

The Charlotte Armstrong Treasury3 (1972)

The Charlotte Armstrong Festival4 (1975)

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