Vivien Armstrong
Judith Pullen, a detective sergeant, often assisted by her former chief inspector, Ralph Arnott, in England:

Sleight of Hand (1991)

Close Call (1994)

Beyond the Pale (2002)

Roger Hayes, a detective chief inspector and former classical pianist, in the village of Newton Greys, Oxfordshire, England:

No Birds Singing (2003)

Bird of Prey (2003)

The Payoff (2005)

Blue Murder (2006)

Roll Over, Play Dead (2006)

Gone to Earth (2008)


The Honey Trap (1992)

The Wrong Road (1997)

Dead in the Water (1998)

Fool’s Gold (1999)

Fly in Amber (2000)

Rewind (2001)

Smile Now, Die Later (2002)

Murder Between Friends (2004)

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