Philip Atkey

Blue Water Murder (1935)

Night Call (1939) [written as Pat Merriman]

Heirs of Merlin (1945)

Juniper Rock (1952)

Written as Barry Perowne
J.R. (Rick) Leroy in England:

Arrest These Men! (1932) [novellas]

Ask No Mercy (1937) [novellas]

I’m No Murderer (1938)

Written as Barry Perowne
Further adventures of A.J. Raffles (character created by E.W. Hornung in 1899):

Raffles After Dark (1933) [novellas]
APA: The Return of Raffles (revised ed. 1933) [novellas]

Raffles in Pursuit (1934) [novellas]

Raffles Under Sentence (1936) [novellas]

She Married Raffles (1936)

Raffles vs. Sexton Blake1 (1937)

Raffles’ Crime in Gibraltar1,2 (1937)

The A.R.P. Mystery1 (1939)

Raffles and the Key Man2 (1940)

Raffles Revisited (1974) [SS]

Raffles of the Albany (1976) [SS]

Raffles of the M.C.C. (1979) [SS]

Written as Barry Perowne

Enemy of Women (1934) [novellas]

Ladies in Retreat (1935)

The Girl on Zero (1939)

The Whispering Cracksman (1940)
APA: Ten Words of Poison (1941)

Blonde Without Escort (1940)

Gibraltar Prisoner (1942)
APA: All Exits Blocked (1942)

The Tilted Moon (1949)
APA: Rogues’ Island (1950)

A Singular Conspiracy (1974)

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