Bill S. Ballinger
William Sanborn Ballinger
Barr Breed, a private investigator in Chicago, Illinois:

The Body in the Bed (1948)

The Body Beautiful (1949)

Joaquin Hawks, a CIA operative of Hispanic and Native American descent, in Southeast Asia:

The Chinese Mask (1965)

The Spy in Bangkok (1965)

The Spy in the Jungle (1965)

The Spy in the Java Sea (1966)

The Spy at Angkor Wat (1966)


Portrait in Smoke1 (1950)
APA: The Deadlier Sex (1958)

The Darkening Door (1952)

Rafferty (1953)
APA: The Beautiful Trap (1955)

The Black, Black Hearse (1955) [written as Frederic Freyer]

The Tooth and the Nail1 (1955)

The Longest Second1 (1957)
Finalist 1958 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Wife of the Red-Haired Man (1957)

Beacon in the Night (1958)

Formula for Murder (1958)

The Doom-Maker (1960) [written as B.X. Sanborn]
APA: The Blonde on Borrowed Time (1960)

The Fourth of Forever (1963)

Not I, Said the Vixen (1965)

The Heir Hunters (1966)

The Source of Fear (1968)

The Lopsided Man (1969)

The 49 Days of Death (1969)

Heist Me Higher (1969)

The Lopsided Man (1969)

The Corsican (1974)

The Law (1975) [novelization of TV play]

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